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10/2/2016: I smoke cigarettes for 25 years, I always said I would never stop. ( I used to say it  is my only luxury I had left) Nothing would  of made me stop either, I was tho wrong. When they came out with e cig  I was over a family  houseand one person was  vaping. He told me to try it. I did and love it. I have successfully have stop smoking for a year now. I can even smoke a cigarette now it taste nasty. I also know people don't like change. These people are not making money off of this so they want to tell us when, where, how without telling us why really. Give credit where it's due. These people are saving lives and your are play all these cigarette commercials on tv and radio  him many people quit because of that press They found something that got people to stop and instead of back them they decided this shit. fight them. When something findly came out that  help the 20 million people that smoke. ( not an exact number)  you do this shit , but give people a fight chance. It's not all about you. Vape store run  there business like I wish other store would. They let you try  it before  you buys itsure before  just to make sure  you are satisfied .customer .Whatever happened to the customer is always right!!!!!  I just want to go to a  vape store spend my hard owe money on what I want to. We must for fight for our rights  Dam its the land of the free but I don't feel very free. I support the vape stores 100% I will fight for my right to enjoy my vaping vaping!!!!!!! - RGreen


After heavy smoking for over 25 years & practically letting go of it by use of vape products, I am sickened to read this. I don't know why they call this a free country bc it's not. You have to work your ass off just to survive & the government still wants their hands in your paycheck. They don't care about people's lives, they only care about having their hands in every single thing. Makes one wonder sometimes why even bother. Course then you'd b homeless or dead. Gotta find a way to cut down on all of it bc I'm too old now to not care if they're getting a bunch of my money-it's not going to happen. But I'm really sorry to those businesses who've found a way to survive by supplying us with what we should have the right to buy. Damn them - mary*******@yahoo.com


my question also is, wtf does the fda want?people to start smoking cigarettes again? those that quit by vaping? I am appalled? at the thought and greed of the US Government. - teri*******@gmail.com


So they finally got around to it! My husband, who quit smoking after over 40 years & I, who traded in tobacco for ecigs/vaping after ten years, have been wondering how long Big Brother would allow us to avoid those high tobacco taxes by using a potentially safer product. (Answer: not long...)

This legislation makes as much sense as the "no large soft drinks" law, and you can rest assured it has NOTHING to do with concern for our health. The government is simply seeking to fill their empty pockets by extorting money from us!

GOVERNMENT OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE?! Clearly no longer true & definitely NOT what the founders had in mind! What they will attempt to regulate next is anyone's guess, but you can bet it won't be their sacred cow, alcohol!

Seriously...go fix a pothole & stop trying to regulate what we do with our own bodies! I am a published freelance writer & if you'd  like  help with letter-writing, copywriting,  whatever, let me know.  We can always use the old, "as told to..." thing in order to preserve my anonymity.

I'd take seious pleasure in helping spread the word about yet ANOTHER infringement  on our rights.

If I can be of service, please contact me!
- kim*******@hotmail.com


This is not a complaint or issue. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry to see this service going away, I wanted to thank you for your excellent products and customer service and wish you the best going forward! Hope to be able to buy from you again sometime in the future! - m*******@email.grcc.edu


My name is Dominic, I made an order a couple days ago and just got it in the mail and received a free 100ml of cotton candy clouds and I would just like to further express my thank you to you guys. I have been ordering from you guys for years now this was actually one of the original company's that started my transition of cigarettes. It's been a long journey but I really appreciate what you guys are doing to make people healthier and happier everyday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart you guys have seriously changed my life.  - dominic*******@me.com


Just wanted to say thank you for offering such a great product at an amazing price! After 20+ years of smoking cigarettes, I have now gone over 2 1/2 months "smoke" free because of you!
I've spread the word, and forwarded your website, to family and friends who never thought I could quit and now have hope for themselves as well!
I'm furious about the new laws and restrictions that are on the way, but I will stick with you guys through it all!
Thanks again!!! - Kr*******s@att.net


Damn that's the most obvious excuse for them to keep killing us. Why not ban guns so we can't work out, why not ban soda that shit is much worse for you than a vape. Damn I'm like stuck at the point where I quit cigs abd I been vaping to kick the habit. Now idk what will happen I guess I have to stock up. I emailed my congressman telling them to support vaping. Damn this is terrible. — the*******ny@gmail.com


I was a smoker for 44 years. I switched to vaping about 9 months ago and started at 18mg. I'm down to 0mg and was told by my internal specialist that as long as I'm on 0mg it's perfectly fine to continue to vape. I'm in love with vaping and I still vape to this day. It's wonderful. No clothes smelling like smoke, no increased chance of getting cancer, and no more bad breath or yellow teeth. The Variety of flavers of juice is very satisfying. Vaping is great!!! - m*******3@gmail.com


"It all started when I saw a sale on www.vapes.com, I bought two 100 ml bottles of Juishy E-Juice, I visit their face book page and see the contest to be entered to win 10 100 Ml bottles of the same brand juice, so I entered and come to find out I won!!!! I just received my bottles in the mail today and I'm more than happy within the last month I've ordered plenty from the site the staff is extremely friendly and responsive I recommend grabbing any of your vapeing needs from them. Also I grabbed the ghost wax atomizer to use my herb and oil but It ended up breaking within 2 days(poor quality) so vapes sent me a gift card for half the value and met me in the middle. Vapes has honestly won most of my vapeing budget and probly will continue to as long as I vape thanks again guys"#Satisfied customer.

"Very satisfied customer! If u want me to rate u or anything let me know and send me an url. I’d love to. I am very pleased with your service and the way u have treated me. Thank u for everything.”Blake

“I have not smoked since Jan 31st and am so proud of myself. Thank you for all your help Vinnie if it were not for your help I would be smoking again for sure.”Diane

“Hi Matt just wanna let you know I received my package.. As soon as I got them I plugged them in and charged them up (yesterday). I’ve been smoking since I was 13 & I’m almost 44 now. I am now smoke free, I threw them out!! This I can do it feels just like I’m smoking & it tastes great!! Thanks Matt & thanks VAPES. I don’t SMELL like an ashtray!!” Pamela

“Thanks so much for your help! I love, love, love the product WAAAY better than my original TECECIG. :)” – Michaline

“Since I started vaping and using your site for my vaping needs I have got a good handful of people to quit smoking and they have turned to vaping… I think it’s pretty cool and a little healthier for them and myself not smelling the ciggs. So, I just want to say thank you again for helping me out tonight it’s greatly appreciated have a wonderful night/day!” – Tee Jae

“You guys are awesome I really appreciate the feedback so fast, A plus on customer service feedback from me for sure!” – Matt

“since i started vaping and using your site for my vaping needs i have got a good handfull of people to quit smoking and they have turned to vaping… i think its pretty cool and a little healthier for them and myself not smelling the ciggs so i just want to say thank you again for helping me out tonight its greatly appriciated have a wonderful night/day…” – Tee Jae

“Thank you so much for your swift response and for addressing my issue directly and professionally. I will remember this and recommend your business to others. Thanks!” – Austin

“Thank you guys again so much and I can’t wait. I have had a few friends go through you guys and I have already converted some of my friends to you guys and it’s been very pleasant. You guys have a great thing going. I plan to be a customer for a long time.” – Matt B

“Thank you so much! I love how you message back so quickly! I appreciate it! And wow wednesday sounds great! Thanks for everything! Have a great day!” – Jose

“Thank you very much, my entire experience with VAPES has been way above the standard. We need more businesses like this.” – Justin

“Thanks for the quick response, Matt. I really do appreciate that and I’ll be sure to make vapes.com my first stop for everything I need in the future, especially considering your regard for the quality of your juice.” – Christian

“Thank you so much matt! Amazing customer service !” – Nikki

“I just want to say how much I LOVE y’all! I have made 2 orders from you thus far and am MORE than satisfied with the products and service. I will definitely be buying my vaping gear exclusively from you guys from now on. I just got my Egyptian battery in the mail, and you sent me a free atomizer of my favourite colour, green! Your Pink Starburst juice is the best juice I’ve ever had. Okay, I’m done gushing now. Y’all are rad!!!!” – Abby P.

“Thank You Jeff, I Love your Web-Site :) I’ll Register there and take a look around at the different stuff you are selling there. Thanks Again, P.S. Thanks for the “FREE GIFT” cards you sent.” – lauri3162

“Thank you for your awesome deals! ;)” – Happy Customer

“Thanks for always being available when I need shit man!” – Charlie

“Your site is the best I’ve tried samples from other sites and by far your ejuice is the best fast delivery of orders and I’ve recommended at least ten people already when they they’re getting stuff from other places I tell them about you keep up the good work yours truly one happy customer.” – specialk35s

“Thank you so very much for my extra e juice as a gift! I love my e vapor cigarette. I am enjoying it so much. I wanted to also email you to thank you for the warning about not leaving the ecig unattended while charging. I have been doing that and had no idea it could catch on fire. I have unfortunately charged it over night on my computer and also sometimes when I have left the house. I had no clue it could be dangerous. Your information has helped me a lot and prevented an unexpected accident if it were to have caught on fire!! I thought I researched them fairly well and I still found out something new about them. I have had concern if they were safe and asked if they could catch on fire and had been assured by friends with vapors of their own that it wouldn’t. So thank you for that important information. Once again you have proven how you care for your customers. Best customer service (and company) ever!…” – Jenna S.

“…is there a way i can rate you somewhere? your customer service is exceptionable! thank you again.” – Tim

“Thank you so much for your super fast response when my order wasn’t received correctly. I just received the rest of my order today. I’ve been telling people all week about vapes.com and the wonderful customer service. Thank you once again. I’ll be back for more!” – Kacy

“Thank you very much Jeff! And I plan on making more orders in the future because I love your site! Thank you for providing me with the best support possible !

thank you for your attentive customer service and for making sure that I got the right parts, it is greatly appreciated. thanks again and have a great day” – Pietro

“Hey i received my vape and i love it it works exactly how I imagined it, thanks!!” – Davin

“Hello Jeff, I noticed the problem as well when I went through checkout. I figured you would send me a msg letting me know about the problem and have me pay the correct total. I was not expecting you to send the order for free, so thank you! I have already been helping to spread the word about VAPES.com and will continue to do so! Thanks” – Josh

“I appreciate the help and customer service! That’s why I’ve ordered twice in a week and still plan in buying more! My next purchase I’m thinking will be the mod. Thank you” – Tattoos By Dom

“Hi Jeff. No problem. Thanks for the quick response. I appreciate the GREAT customer service….” – Jenn

“Great deals, amazing and friendly service!” – Candy Rayne

“Thanks a lot man, great service and thanks for the quick reply” – Glen

“Jeff, thanks for the good customer service, I will recommend you to friends who like vaping and need to quit smoking cigarettes!” – Sidney

“Jeff, Thank you so much for the comment about quality service and customers. It is nice to hear that when a lot of companies are not like that today. I took my time researching the web for my Ego cig and I found your site was the best for me. I have told all my smoker friends about your site and can’t wait to smoke it and show them when I go to parties and social events together my Ego cigarette. Thanks, again!” – Jenna

“THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!! I love it. I love that it has a pink mouth tip, too, instead of black! I am a freak for pink. I received the replacement this morning in the mail and I am smoking it right now and loving it. It is working so far just perfectly. I am going to guard it and baby it to make sure nothing happens to it. I am so stoked and so happy. Thank you again for helping me out and replacing my ego cig until it is right. You and your company are the BEST!!” – Jenna

“You have a super product and I will be back again and again with my own and friends orders.” – Angela

“You got me completely off ciggerettes 39 years of smokin two packs a day …you may have saved my life check you later.” – Bret

“Thank you for fast and quality service. Lovin’ that caramel apple also! Have a great day.” – Joe Human

“I have to tell you that I am incredibly pleased with your products. I have been vaping for almost a year. I have been buying Smokestik for just as long. I have also tried Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, and White Cloud (disposables). Since I am fairly new to this, I was a bit intimidated by filling my own carts. But, your products are easy to use and the instructions are easy to follow. Since I love to try different flavors, I’m so happy to see just how much of a selection you have. Needless to say, I’m hooked. I’m now a loyal customer. Thanks so much!”Carrie

“Thanks Vinnie. Could not have done it without you!” – Ramona

“I just received my first order from you and I am so very pleased! I love the taste; the flavors are so full. I will be placing more orders in the near future. If you have a mailing list, please put me on it.
A happy customer!”Lois S

“I received the Pink Star Burst e-juice today and I am completely blown away with your service, you guys are AMAZING!! I look forward to doing more business with Vapes. I’m most definitely purchasing more items soon, thank you for everything! “ – Kara 

“I loved Vinnie, very friendly. We didn’t get our whole order in our package but he was right on top of it and very apologetic. I still haven’t had a chance to try the vape since its not in yet but my husband did and he LOVES it. Thank for being so quick and easy to deal with. Great customer service!”– Shanna


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