Women’s group blasts FDA’s refusal to endorse e-cigs as a ‘public health crisis’

Finally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its Commissioner Scott Gottlieb are being chastised for their aggressively anti-vaping conspiratorial campaigns.  In a February 1 Op-Ed, the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) openly rebukes the FDA for failing to officially endorse vaping as a smoking cessation tool.  In fact, by not doing so, the IDF believes that the FDA is exacerbating a “public health crisis.”

“Right now, Gottlieb and the FDA are standing in the way of millions of people switching to safer products that might actually work to help them stop a deadly habit. That’s a public health crisis worth addressing.” 

The move by the IWF comes just days after a group of eighteen conservative groups sent a letter to President Trump demanding that he get his FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb under control.  According to the letter, Gottlieb’s continued threats to ban vaping is stifling innovation, killing jobs, and jeopardizing public health.  The FDA Chief’s excessive regulatory actions against the vaping industry also fly in direct contradiction to Trump’s own mantra:  regulation sucks!

“Throughout your 2016 campaign and over the past two years, your administration has achieved such great outcomes with regards to lessening the burden of government on small businesses and taxpayers. We ask you to direct the FDA to pump the brakes on its new regulatory efforts against an innovative industry that is helping American smokers quit.”

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Then on Thursday, GOP Senator Richard Burr conducted a very long speech on the Senate floor where you repeatedly and openly admonished the FDA Chief for regulatory practices that “raise suspicion.”  According to Burr, Gottlieb doesn’t care about teen vaping or teen smoking at all.  His primary objective is to open the floodgates for federally legalized marijuana much like Canada did just this year, and the killing of menthol cigarettes was a crucial first step to Canada’s weed-infused victory. 

Hell hath no fury like (women) scorned.

The Independent Women’s Forum is rebuking the FDA for what appears to be something else entirely.  On January 30, The New York Times ran a report about a new vaping study recently conducted in the UK.  Through conducting a randomized clinical trial involving nearly 900 participants, the UK scientists determined that vaping is almost twice as effective in helping smokers quit compared to conventional nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) like “the patch” and nicotine gums. The Independent Women’s Forum wants to know why the FDA is not shouting this wonderful news from the rooftops.

“Given this news, you’d think FDA Administrator Scott Gottlieb would hold a press conference informing the public of this enormous public health win. After all, not only are e-cigarettes helping people quit, they are 95 percent less harmful than traditional cigarettes. 
Yet, sadly, polls show that of the 37.8 million adults in the United States who currently smoke, roughly 65 percent think e-cigarettes are just as harmful as smoking traditional cigarettes. 
Shouldn’t Administrator Gottlieb work hard to correct this misperception among current smokers? In fact, you might even expect him to plead with current smokers to switch to e-cigarettes.”

The IDF also points out why these nicotine patches and gums rarely work.  NRTs do not address the fundamental behaviors and “social rituals” which make smoking so addictive in the first place - namely the hand-to-mouth actions of smoking itself.  “Instead of stoking fears,” the Op-Ed continues, Mr. Gottlieb should “do more to correct misperceptions about e-cigarette safety.”

Well done, Independent Women’s Forum.  Well done!

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(Image Courtesy of Independent Women’s Forum)

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