Why is mainstream media ignoring FOUR arrests in Black Market THC-vaping scandal?

Just this morning, Wisconsin law officials made their fourth arrest in connection to a black market drug ring operating in Kenosha County and allegedly involving illegal THC-enhanced vapor cartridges.  The investigation first came into the public record on September 12 with the arrests of the Huffhines bothers – 20-year old Tyler and 23-year old Jacob.

The men are accused of manufacturing and selling as many as 5000 contraband products per day at a cost of about $20 each.  Just yesterday, their mother, Courtney Huffines, appeared in court for allegedly helping her sons to manage the business operations.  Law enforcement is not releasing much information yet on the fourth suspect.

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As millions of Americans continue to mistakenly assume that conventional nicotine vapor products are responsible for over 500 cases of a mysterious “vaping-related” lung ailment, one might also assume that the mainstream press would be particularly interested in these four Wisconsin arrests. Yet, the media is largely ignoring this odd series of events even as they steadily unfold over several weeks right before our eyes. 

Conversely, the mainstream media was super-quick to jump onboard the anti-vaping bandwagon after President Trump announced his intentions to implement a nationwide flavor ban on vapor products.  Television news shows began talking about the issue almost immediately but not in much detail.  The on-air debate, of course, mostly centered around politically-charged points of view rather than the real public health threat at-hand.  Is vaping truly dangerous from a SCIENTIFIC basis, and if so, why?

Former FDA Chief Gottlieb warned of Black Market THC weeks ago, but mainstream media didn’t care.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was remaining rather tight-lipped about the likely cause of a mysterious lung disorder. The best that CDC officials would say was that the outbreak was “vaping related.”  Had investigative journalists dug a bit deeper, they would have easily uncovered a real scoop.

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Unlike what the CDC was implying – that conventional nicotine-based e-cigarettes were to blame for the respiratory illness - the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already knew the truth.   The illegal purchasing and vaping of THC-enhanced oils was the real cause, and Wisconsin was likely Ground Zero of this devastating series of events.  In fact, Former Trump Administration FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb tweeted as much on September 6, a full week prior to Trump’s White House announcement. 

 “Based on current reports it’s likely to be case most of the vaping injuries are related to illegal products and mostly THC and CBD. It’s not clear FDA can regulate vape pen not sold for use with tobacco nicotine. Congress may need to expand FDA’s authority.”

To this day, few mentions of the Huffhines or of illegal THC appear in the national television news show.  On the few occasions where this topic of contraband THC comes up, it is usually because a member of the vaping advocacy community forces the subject into the conversation.  Even after the CDC was forced last Friday by outraged public health experts across the country to publish an updated press release warning Americans of vaping illicit THC-infused products, the mainstream media remained relatively silent.

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No retractions are forthcoming.  No apologies for misleading the general public will ever appear on-air or in-print.  And no banners of “Breaking News: Vaping THC kills” will be making their way onto the television screens of America.

Why is the mainstream media being so compliant in the government’s efforts to eradicate a fledgling vaping industry that is literally saves lives?  And why is the press being equally complicit in the deaths of several young people by refusing to report on the life-and-death issues surrounding marijuana vaping? 

Now, on to the next news story about the Trump impeachment…

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(Image courtesy of Wausau Pilot and Review)

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