What are the FDA deeming regulations, and how will they affect vaping?

Many newbies to vaping might be hearing about the notorious FDA deeming regulations, but what are they and how will they affect your daily vaping experience?  It can be very easy to ignore such a seemingly technical topic that involves government regulations, politics, and taxes.  After all, in a post-Trump world, everything seems to be so politically-charged these days.

Even though the FDA deeming regulations may be the very last thing that you want to read about, their far-reaching tentacles threaten the very existence of the American vaping industry.  First announced in May 2015, the underlying principle is based on the recategorization of electronic cigarettes as tobacco products by the FDA.  Even though the e-liquids in vaping devices are 100 percent tobacco-free, the new rules set forth by the FDA now require all vape vendors to adhere to a very expensive Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) process previously reserved for only Big Tobacco.

The FDA deeming regulations:  Doing the math

A PMTA must be approved by the FDA for each and every vaping product that a vendor sells to the American public.  And a single PMTA is estimated to cost in upwards of $1 million per product. So, doing the math, if you are currently purchasing three brands of e-juice from your favorite online supplier, then that means that your vendor must pay approximately $3 million in PMTA fees just to keep those tasty vape juices on the shelves.

Who will pay for that extra $3 million?  YOU WILL!

The deadline to submit PMTAs has been changed several times since 2015.  But one thing has not.  All vaping products manufactured before February 2007 – some ten years ago – will be required to pay the $1 million PMTA price tag.  That’s essentially 99 percent of all vaping products currently on the market.


Now, there are also multiple mini-deadlines throughout the FDA regulatory process.  The most recent of which involves the requirement for vendors to submit their ingredients lists to the FDA.  These mini-deadlines are rather boring and confusing for the average newbie vaper to understand.  All you need to know is that the totality of the FDA deeming regulations threaten to bankrupt the entire vaping industry in the next few years.

If the FDA deeming regulations are not overturned:

      • E-liquid prices will soar!
      • E-liquid selections will become extremely limited.
      • Advancements in vaping technology (cheaper and more efficient vape mods and improvements in leaky cartomizers, for example) will slow to a snail’s pace.
      • Even zero-nicotine e-liquids will be regulated nearly out of existence.
      • Already vape shops are prohibited from offering free e-liquid samples.
      • Already vape shops are prohibited from offering free giveaways and sweepstakes contests.
      • Already vape shops are prohibited from offering free coil-building assistance or maintenance guidance of vaping technology.
      • And now, local governments like San Francisco and New York want to make the selling of flavored e-liquids illegal, even online!

If you want to keep living a tobacco-free lifestyle, then the FDA deeming regulations must be repealed.  At the very least, they will need to be modified.  But the vaping industry cannot do it alone. 

The American Vaping Industry Needs Your Help!!!

There are lots of quick and easy ways that you can help save vaping!  And most of them require only a few minutes of your time.  Here is a list of four easy ways to help save vaping, and they can even be accomplished within seconds via your smartphone!

1.  Send a Tweet to Donald Trump.

Admit it.  You’ve traveled to POTUS’s Twitter feed every now and then.  Love him or hate him, the man is a Twitter Fanatic!   The next time you’re checking out his latest Twitter rant, send him a 140-character demand to repeal the FDA deeming regulations.  The Donald already hates federal regulations of almost any kind.  He might just need a gentle reminder to repeal the FDA deeming regulations, too.  His Twitter handle is @realDonaldTrump

2.  Send a Tweet to the FDA Chief.

His name is Scott Gottlieb, and he was just appointed by President Trump earlier this year. Gottlieb was not involved in the creation of the FDA deeming regulations.  That honor is left to his predecessor, Robert Califf of the Obama Administration.  But Gottlieb has hinted in the past at being somewhat vaper-friendly.  Give him a tweet.  His handle is @SGottliebFDA.

3.  Sign the petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations. 

All that you need to do is type your name.  CLICK HERE to sign the petition to repeal the FDA deeming regulations, and join the millions of vapers who are helping to win the War on Vaping. 

4.  Sign the petition to prevent flavor bans.

Local governments all over the country are trying to pass city ordinances banning the sales of flavored e-liquids.  New York, Oakland, San Leandro, and Contra Costa County, California are just a few.  But the legislation currently leading the charge is heading towards a voter referendum next year in San Francisco. CLICK HERE to sign the petition to prevent the passing of this bill.   If it passes in San Francisco, then the likelihood of a city ordinance popping up in your neck of the woods only increases substantially!


There are so many ways that you can help saving vaping.  You can join a vaping advocacy group like CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association) or SFATA (Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association).  You can contact the White House via private message.  And you can also write your local newspaper, offering your personal story as to how vaping has saved you from tobacco addiction and improved your life.  The important thing is to get involved…before it’s too late!


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