What are nic salt e-liquids?

The vaping industry is forever evolving, and one of the latest trends is nic salt e-liquids.  Vapers are continuously being introduced to new and more advanced technology involving newfangled batteries, coils, and vape mods.  Now we are beginning to see modifications to the e-liquid ingredients themselves.

Don’t let the term nic salts fool you.  It’s simply a shortened version of the term nicotine salts.  Contrary to many initial assumptions, nic salt e-liquids do not automatically taste like you’ve just sucked on a pipe filled with Morton’s iodized salt.  In scientific terms, nic salts are created by mixing certain types of acids with a pure nicotine extract or base. 

And while the term acids can sound even more frightening, rest assured that nic salts occur in tobacco plants naturally.  If you’ve ever smoked a combustible tobacco cigarette, then you’ve already ingested some nic salts, too.

Nic salt e-liquids decrease related throat hit intensities

Manufacturers extract the liquid nicotine found in most e-liquids from the leaves of real tobacco plants.  The solution then undergoes a purification process which essentially strips away its impurities while leaving behind a freebase nicotine fluid in its purist form.  However, freebase nicotine is also high in Ph levels which is directly proportional to the e-liquid’s related throat hit for the vaper.  The higher the Ph factor, the harsher the hit. 

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E-liquid manufacturers can substantially reduce these related Ph levels through a series of manipulations involving the previously mentioned acids.  In doing so, vaping enthusiasts can then vape e-liquids with higher nicotine strengths without experiencing an excruciating throat hit. 

Nic salt e-liquids more closely mimic the experience of smoking

Scientists have already proven that e-liquids manufactured with nic salts enter the bloodstream of the vaper much faster than convention vape juices.  The vaper’s blood absorption rate is nearly identical to that of smoking a combustible tobacco cigarette.  This makes nic salt e-liquids a terrific choice for newbie vapers trying to quit smoking permanently.

However, there are certain considerations that a vaper must keep in mind before making the switch to nic salt vapes.  Because vapers using nic salt vapes have a tendency to want to increase their nicotine strength levels simultaneously, the need to purchase a more appropriate vaping device comes into play.

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 For example, if you are choosing to vape a 25- 50mg e-liquid made with nic salts, then a low-powered pod device is usually the preferred choice.   If blowing massive clouds and high-powered sub ohm vaping is your style, then a nic salt e-juice with a nicotine strength of about 6-12mg is typically recommended. 

You should probably also turn down the power on your sub ohm a bit, too.  If not, then the high-powered vaping device will likely result in the vaper inhaling way too much nicotine, which poses a whole series of additional potential problems.

So, there you have it.  Nic salts in a nutshell.  Be safe and vape responsibly. 

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