Want to shut up the vaping haters? Vaping is eco-friendly & butt-free!

As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to escalate its threats to eradicate the entire vaping industry in America, its Commissioner Scott Gottlieb seldom considers one important issue.  At the end of every combustible tobacco cigarette is a tiny, often-overlooked, nonbiodegradable piece of plastic.  Yes, cigarette butts are the world’s most universally pervasive form of litter, with millions upon millions of them infesting our city streets, oceans, beaches, and the overall environment.

Why does the debate over vaping always seem to focus almost entirely on issues surrounding public health?  The research is in, and scientists around the world have already proven that vaping is as much as 95 percent less harmful than smoking.

Yet, even when faced with profound scientific evidence compiled by such highly-reputable agencies like Public Health England and endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians in the UK, Mr. Gottlieb remains adamant.  The FDA still refuses to endorse e-cigs as a smoking cessation tool to this very day.

Maybe vaping advocates should try a different approach

The public debate over vaping needs to expand into the area of environmental friendliness.  This is a topic that nearly everyone – smokers, non-smokers, former-smokers, and never-smokers alike - can easily understand. 

Even the always-angry anti-tobacco lobby can readily support this particular piece pro-vaping propaganda.  Or at the very least, they would be hard pressed to find a counter-argument that doesn’t make their organizations look completely and utterly repellant.  If you want to shut up the vaping haters, then let’s talk about cigarette butts and their devastating effects on the environment and global warming. 

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Nowadays, plastic straws are getting all the press.  Even the world’s leading food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks are switching to environmentally-friendly paper straws. However, the numbers of discarded plastic straws are dramatically dwarfed in comparison to the number of flicked-away cigarette butts. 

In 2016, nearly 15,000 volunteers of the eco-friendly campaign The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup scoured over 20 beaches and waterfronts across Canada.  Remarkably, the environmental cleanup crews uncovered a whopping 17,654 plastic straws and coffee stirrers.  Unfortunately, they also collected an alarming 244,734 cigarette butts at the same time.  That’s almost 14 times as many butts than straws, which is a considerable figure, to be sure.

Meanwhile, the Tobacco Atlas estimates that 5.7 trillion cigarettes were smoked during 2016 alone.  Even if 99 percent of those nonbiodegradable nasties somehow magically found their way into the trashcan, that would leave a massive 57 billion butts scattered across our parks, sidewalks, rivers, and beaches.  And that’s PER YEAR! 

Vaping is butt-free

A significant portion of the vaping community is comprised of former smokers.  How many of us have unwittingly flicked our cigarette butts out of a car window or across the parking lot before entering the office?  Smokers mindlessly flick their butts without even knowing it half the time.  It's automatic.  It’s reflex.  It's socially acceptable. 

Switching to vaping alleviates this ecologically invasive problem of discarded butts.  A single 100-milliliter bottle of e-liquid can be the equivalent of perhaps 80-100 cigarettes butts…maybe more.  Vaping is also tobacco-free, which means that the vaper never inhales the cancer-causing tar and other chemicals that are only found in the smoke of burned tobacco leaves through the aforementioned butts.

If you want to shut up the vaping haters, explain how vaping saves the environment.  You don’t have to quote fancy research papers or scientific journals to win this easy argument.  It’s basic, common sense. 

If the vaping community could push this single argument to the forefront, we could easily save vaping from complete and utter annihilation from FDA overregulation.  Think about it.      

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