Vaping is ‘definitely less harmful than smoking,’ says NHS Health Scotland

The NHS Health Scotland organization has recently issued a press release which supports vaping in a significant way.  According to the report, the intention behind the statement is to clarify many of the misconceptions surrounding the effects of electronic cigarettes on tobacco harm reduction.  While Scottish public health officials support previous claims by the UK Royal College of Physicians that e-cigs are 95 percent less harmful, the Scots also discourage dual use of vaping and smoking.

Within the vaping community, the issue of dual use is an often debated subject.  While some vapers tend to believe that reducing one’s cigarette intake by even a percentage provides some level of positive health benefits, others tend to side with organizations like NHS Health Scotland which claims otherwise.  According to the press release, e-cigs are “definitely less harmful than smoking,” but dual use “does not provide health benefits.”


There are some reputable scientific studies which give support the latter claim to some degree.  One example is a study conducted by world-class cardiologist Dr. Konstantinos E Farsalinos of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Kallithéa, Greece.  The focus of the research is on the cardiovascular effects of vaping vs. smoking.

Through the course of their research, the Farsalinos team discovered that e-cigs have no adverse effects on the myocardial functions while smoking even a single cigarette has immediate negative consequences.

While the goal of transitioning away from smoking completely should always be the primary concern of vapers, discouraging newbies from engaging in dual use in not always the most supportive ideology in the long term.  With all the different vape mods and e-liquids available today, it might take some time to find the perfect selections that make vaping far more enjoyable than smoking.  Even experts like Dr. Farsalinos might agree. 

BBC applauds vaping

When the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) discovered the NHS Health Scotland  press release, it published a report stating that of the 2.9 million Brits who vape, more than half of them are now completely smoke-free.  However, nearly 9 million people still smoke tobacco cigarettes, even though smoking rates in the UK are at a 10-year low.  In an interview with Dr. Andrew Fraser, director of public health science at NHS Health Scotland, the public health expert publicly endorses vaping.

“E-cigarettes have been around for a number of years now and we are learning more and more about them but I think it is safe to say that they are a lot safer than cigarettes.”
"If we are trying to help people make a decision about giving up smoking tobacco then e-cigarettes are a good option to consider."
"We would encourage people to consider them and we would encourage people providing smoking cessation serves to offer them as an option to people who are willing to pay for them."

United States public health officials could learn a great deal from their counterparts in Europe.  The UK Royal College of Physicians was the very first major health organization to endorse vaping as 95 percent less harmful than smoking.  And now the NHS Health Scotland organization is doing the same.  And while the NHS readily admits that e-cigs are not 100% risk-free, they also admit that they are definitely less harmful than smoking – a scientifically proven fact that U.S. health officials still refuse to state publicly. 

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