Vaping goes mainstream: Men’s Health Magazine endorses e-cigarettes

When a mainstream fitness magazine like Men’s Health officially endorses vaping as a smoking cessation tool, it’s cause for a celebration.  The vaping industry has been so consistently demonized by network news outlets in recent years that even the slightest glimmer of positivity coming from a reputable publication is truly noteworthy.

Men’s Health is the world’s most widely distributed magazine of its kind, consisting of some 40 different editions published in 47 nations around the globe.  Its website averages about 38-million page views per month, and that number does not even reflect its multi-millions of hardcopy subscribers.  So, when this fitness conglomerate decides to run an online news story glorifying vaping and everything that it stands for, this may just be the first significant sign that the public perception of vaping may be finally changing forever.

Men’s Health and the Columbia vaping study

On August 17, Men’s Health ran the report entitled, E-cigarette users are actually more likely to quit smoking, contrary to previous research.  The essence of the article discusses a recently published research study from scientists of both Columbia University and Rutgers.  The study seemingly indicates that current smokers who switch to daily vaping are three times more likely to quit smoking permanently than smokers who never use e-cigs at all.  It also claims that daily vapers quit smoking at a success rate of over 50%.

What does Men’s Health have to say about all that?

“Regardless of whether you use e-cigs to help you quit or just shut down your nicotine habit cold turkey, it's time to toss those cigarettes—non-smokers are statistically happier and richer. And if that's not incentive, we don't know what is.”

What’s so astonishing about this little news item is that Men’s Health was not always an advocate of vaping.  In fact, just last year in March of 2016, Men’s Health ran another article stating that quitting smoking cold-turkey was the only way to go!

And that earlier article was published at the height of the vaping phenomenon and right after the FDA deeming regulations were announced.  Even so, it’s nice to see a major news organization like Men’s Health Magazine admit that they are capable of changing their collective minds and finally endorse vaping…publicly. 

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