Vaping goes mainstream: Check out last night’s episode of 'This is Us'

Since it’s Friday and many vapers are probably coming to the end of a very long week, it’s time to have a bit of fun with vaping.  If you missed last night’s episode of This is Us on NBC, then you simply must check it out.

About midway through the episode, Kate, played by the Emmy-nominated Chrissy Metz, blasts someone in her Weight Watchers-type group meeting for whining about her recently developed interest in vaping.  It doesn’t help matters that the girl-in-question (whose name on the TV show is Madison, played by a very talented Caitlin Thompson), is very skinny, very pretty, and rather pretentious. 

Meanwhile, she’s sitting in the meeting wearing yoga pants with her hair perfectly coiffed surrounded by over a dozen people with very serious health issues of obesity rambling on about some cocktail party that she recently attended with great food and lots of pretty people in attendance.

The others in the group are shown rolling their eyes and signing heavily, hoping that the skinny girl’s self-pitying rant will end quickly.  When skinny Madison finally comes to the end of her story, the group finds out that her chief complaint about the entire cocktail party has nothing whatsoever to do with overeating.  In fact, she’s recently begun experimenting with vaping.  And Kate lets Madison have it, but how!

Skinny girl:  “I’m at this cocktail party, right?  And they’re serving these mini pizzas with gorgonzola and pear, which is just my favorite thing in the whole world - ya know?  And I just panic.  Bolt.  And I-I am standing out by the valet, and this guy is smoking a cigarette, and I-I just, like, ask him for one.  And, he turns out to be really nice and super cute (chuckles). His name is Terrence, and we’ve kind of been seeing each other.  But that’s not the point.  The point is, I’ve started smoking.  Vaping, actually.”
Kate:  “You’re vaping?  THAT was the point?"
Skinny girl:  “It’s like a gateway thing.”
Kate:  "Ohhhh.  Okay.  SO!  (Kaye’s tone is dripping with sarcasm) To review:  You exit a cocktail party serving delicious mini pizzas, you smoke one cigarette, you meet a guy, NICE guy, whose name is Terrence, and now you’re dating, and now you’re whining about vaping?!!  VAPING!!!!?"

Kate goes on to scream at the skinny Madison for coming to a Weight Watchers meeting and complaining about such a trivial matter as vaping when everyone else in the room as real, life-threatening problems to deal with.  The scene is very tactfully directed and sheds light on the difficulties that people with weight issues face on a nearly constant basis.  But it’s semi-pro-vaping stance is also equally impressive. Check it out This is Us on NBC, Season 2, Episode 5.  

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