‘Vaping Congressman’ Duncan Hunter caught in goof during border wall video

It might be time to officially excommunicate California’s Rep. Duncan Hunter from the cool kids’ table of the vaping community, at least temporarily.  Love him or hate him, his recent antics on Facebook are attracting a lot of attention, and not all of it is good.

Once fondly referred to as The Vaping Congressman, Duncan Hunter drew vapers’ respect in early 2016 when he pulled out his trusty vape mod and blew clouds during a congressional hearing.  The topic of debate was whether the airlines should ban vaping on airplanes.  Hunter thought the notion was silly and said so openly – complete with viral vaping video imagery to drive his point home further.    

Shortly thereafter, and completely unrelated, allegations began surfacing that Hunter and his family were using campaign funds illegally.  Monies were allegedly spent on expensive family vacations, thousands of dollars in online video games for his children, and family dentist appointments, among other things.

Hunter was eventually indicted, and when questioned by the media about the allegations, he placed the blame for the political scandal squarely on his wife.  Maybe not a marriage made in heaven, but okay.  The charges are still pending, and Mr. or Mrs. Hunter (or both) could still potentially end up in jail at some point.

Duncan Hunter can’t catch a break

All of this came to light during the Midterms elections last year, yet Duncan Hunter won re-election handily.  Then last Thursday, Hunter found himself in political hot water once again.  He released a questionable Facebook video about illegal crossings at the southern border that is attracting national attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

To be clear, the current political debate over “The Wall” is not really the issue here.  The issue is the video itself, and it’s attracting both laughs and backlash on social and mainstream media alike – regardless of personal political proclivities.

On April 18, a Facebook video appears on the congressman’s feed depicting California’s representative for the 50th District hopping over a “grand border wall in Yuma, Arizona.”  But the “wall” is not really a wall at all, which is kind of Mr. Hunter’s point.

The structure appears to be a short, metal, post-and-beam barrier closely resembling those found along highways that prevent automobile drivers from veering off cliffs, bridges, and other potentially deadly geographical threats.   In the video, Hunter complains that “this is what we expect to stop transnational terrorists, families, all illegal aliens from coming across the border.”

As Rep. Hunter proceeds to hike over the barrier with relative ease, he then states, “There we go..That’s how easy it is to cross the border here in Yuma, AZ.”

Okay.  So far, so good.  We get it.  Duncan Hunter supports the president’s border wall.  No problem.

Unfortunately, The Times of San Diego points out within hours of the video’s posting that the specific location of Hunter’s video is not, in fact, the Yuma, Arizona/Mexico border at all.  And if it were, the esteemed congressman could be in violation of his parole for traveling outside of the country without permission.   The actual border is about 100-feet away, and it’s called the Colorado River.  Yikes!

(Image courtesy of Facebook/The Times of San Diego)

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