Vaping CBD: New study shows 42% of those surveyed stop using medications

With rise in popularity of vaping technology and e-liquids in recent years, the Cannabidiol (CBD) Industry is also witnessing a tremendous surge in public acceptance.  Even in California where cities like San Francisco are passing local ordinances prohibiting the sales of flavored e-liquids, the legalized marijuana and hemp industries are booming – either of which can be used to manufacture CBD. 

Instead of buying expensive prescription or over-the-counter medications to fight medical conditions such as anxiety disorders, chronic depression, insomnia, and even joint pain, many people are turning to CBD as an alternative.  It’s not only less expensive, but it is also considered much more effective in many cases.  In fact, according to a recent study by the partnership of Hello MD and the Brightfield Group, 42% of those surveyed are even discontinuing their use of prescription medications completely in favor of CBD. 

Key findings of the CBD study

The 22-page report entitled Understanding CBD is readily available online.  The researchers began by surveying a control group of 2,400 participants.  55% were woman, and 45% were men. 

      • 42% reported to have stopped using prescription medications like Vicodin after switching to CBD products.
      • 80% found CBD to be either “extremely effective” or “very effective” in addressing their medical symptoms.
      • 90% would purchase CBD products made from marijuana is legally available in their communities.
      • 68% of hemp-derived CBD users also use THC-dominant products.
      • 70% of marijuana-derived CBD users also use THC-dominant products.
      • Approximately 68% use CBD products to overcome anxiety.
      • Approximately 66% use CBD products for sleeping disorders and insomnia.
      • Approximately 52% use CBD to fight joint pain and inflammation.
      • Approximately 43% use CBD products to fight chronic depression.
      • Approximately 35% use CBD products to manage migraine or tension headaches.
      • Approximately 32% use CBD products for severe pain disorders.
      • Approximately 28% use CBD products to arthritis issues.
      • Approximately 25% use CBD products to prevent nausea, perhaps due to chemotherapy treatments or negative side effects of prescription medications.
      • Approximately 50% of those surveyed prefer marijuana-derived CBD-only products.
      • Approximately 20% prefer hemp-driven CBD-only products.
      • Approximately 53% prefer CBD-dominant products with varying levels of THC.
      • Approximately 8% admit to being unclear as to which types of cannabis products they actually use.
      • And about 9% claim to use CBD-only products containing less than 0.3% THC.

The rather murky legal state of CBD products may be another contributing factor for the recent collaborations of vapers and weed enthusiasts.   CBD oils seem to be popping up everywhere – in local vape shops, online e-commerce stores, and especially in our social media news feeds.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) still considers CBD to be illegal.  But hey!  If Amazon sells CBD, then it must be okay, right?

Heck, even the Federal Government and Attorney General Jeff Sessions still consider marijuana to be illegal, even in cases where an individual state has passed pot-friendly laws to the contrary.  So, the next time you have a back pain that just won’t quit…or a migraine headache that feels like your head is clamped inside a vise, considering vaping a little CBD.  Who knows?  It may change your life.

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