‘Tommy Smokes’ vapes live on Fox News: SNL follows with spoof

A 22-year old vaping enthusiast named Tom Scibelli who goes by the name of Tommy Smokes on social media recently appeared on Fox News while blowing plumes of white vapor throughout the entire broadcast.  Both teen and adult vapers alike found him to be quite entertaining but perhaps for vastly different reasons.

Young Mr. Scibelli appeared on The Ingraham Angle hosted by the notoriously ill-informed Laura Ingraham.  The segment begins with an introduction of both Tommy Smokes and his interview partner, medical expert Dr. Janette Nesheiwat who fully supports the FDA’s recent decision to ban the sales of JUUL and other vaping flavors in non-age-restricted retailers.

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When the discussion veers into allegations that vaping causes wet lung – a conspiracy theory from about five years ago that has long since been disproven, - Tommy Smokes is seemingly too busy vaping to even care.  He claims to have never even heard of neither the ailment nor the overwhelmingly obtuse accusations of wet lung as touted by his co-guest Dr. Nesheiwat.  When asked if he knew about the disease’s more colloquial nickname “popcorn lung,” he retorts, “I love popcorn.” 

Teen vaping and Tommy Smokes:  A convergence of FDA-induced silliness

While Mr. Smokes had the perfect opportunity to put his creative comedy routine to good use by blasting the so-called medical expert for peddling in yet another Fox News conspiracy theory, he unfortunately failed miserably.  Instead, he cracked jokes, vaped incessantly, and kept coughing in between vapes. In fact, his incessant hacking was laughingly noted by Ms. Ingraham herself (Ingraham finds Tommy’s on-air mishaps hilarious and teases him for it but in a very kind way).

Tommy Smokes, or the self-proclaimed “Colossus of Cloud,” also shared a video of himself performing vape tricks with a JUUL while “getting his swag on” and “ripping phat clouds.” The entire episode was so over-the-top that even Saturday Night Live (SNL) couldn’t pass up spoofing the Fox interview last weekend.

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Pete Davidson played a supercilious Scibelli wearing a “Vape God” ballcap and making an endless barrage of outlandish comments.  When the fictionalized version of Laura Ingraham played by the fabulous Kate McKinnon asked Davidson’s Tommy Smokes if he was indeed a “real expert on e-cigs laws,” he responded nonsensically.

  'Oh for sure.  I got that swag. I got that drip drip.'

McKinnon followed by asked her producers on-air if her guest had been properly vetted as a vaping expert.  She also noted that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had been bumped at the last minute to make room for Scibelli, to which Tommy responds while seemingly proving Ingraham’s point in the process.

 'And you made the right choice, because my puff puff game: dilly dilly.'

Strangely, both the real-life version and the SNL spoof are equally entertaining if not a bit alarming.  No wonder the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wants to ban vaping.  If Tommy Smokes is our front man, we are all doomed.

On the other hand, the whole debate over banning vaping flavors and devices is rather silly in the first place. Banning an invention that essentially saves lives is ridiculous.  Sometimes the only way to deal with government-inflicted gobbledygook is to laugh and laugh loudly.  

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