The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah to Florida vapers: Amendment 9 designed to ‘BLEEP' with you

On November 6, the Florida vaping community is heading to the polls for the Midterm Elections where a somewhat confusingly-worded Amendment 9 will appear on the ballot.  Voters choosing to vote no will be recommending a statewide ban on offshore drilling.  But at the same time, unfortunately, they will also be expressing support for a statewide ban on indoor vaping in the workplace.

What do the two issues have to do with one another?  The answer is absolutely nothing.  It’s just a creative way for politicians to sneak-in controversial, unrelated legislation that otherwise would not pass on its own.  It’s often called legislative “pork,” but it’s regrettably far too common these days, too.  

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It’s a tough choice to make for environmentally-conscience vapers of the Sunshine State. In a state boasting the second-most mileage of coastline in the country following only the majestic state of Alaska.  Florida’s white, sandy beaches attract tens of thousands of vacationers annually.  Furthermore, the tourism industry is the very cornerstone of the state’s entire economic infrastructure.

For these and many other reasons, Floridians tend to take global warming legislation very, very seriously. Floridians have been experiencing an alarming rise in extreme weather conditions in past decades as witnessed by the increase in both frequency and severity of hurricanes and tropical storms.  Beach erosion is always a critical concern but even more so after catastrophic natural disasters like Hurricane Maria.  Florida also just happens to be the most lightening-prone state in the nation.  So, there’s that, too.   

Trevor Noah weighs in on Florida Amendment 9

The ridiculously-worded Florida Amendment 9 is finally starting to attract national attention in the final runup to the Midterms.  While a significant percentage of the news cycle is still consistently devoted to either Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump opinion pieces, important issues like healthcare protection, voter suppression, and the economy tend to remain in the backseat of the mainstream media vehicle.  While most voters have already formed a very specific - and in many cases unwavering - opinion about Trump, they unfortunately just as often tend to draw a complete blank when asked by pollsters about other ballot initiatives in their state. 

So when Trevor Noah of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show mentions Florida’s controversial Amendment 9 during an opening monologue, it’s considered a fairly big deal.  Ever since Donald Trump rode down the escalator of Trump Tower and announced his candidacy for President of the United States some three years ago, late night talk show hosts have been having a proverbial field day roasting the Trumpster on a night-by-night basis.

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Going after Trump is easy.  It’s low-hanging fruit.  Taking on Florida Amendment 9 takes research.  It takes brains.  It takes guts, guile, and gumption.

Enter Trevor Noah.  During his Halloween broadcast, Noah stated the following.

“Whoever is in charge of your voting system is trying to fuck with you.”
 “If you vote no to offshore drilling, you automatically voted no to indoor vaping,” he said. “It makes no sense. It’s like when they have those weird DVD combos at the bargain bin at Walmart and it’ll be like Air Bud combined with Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The Florida vaping community has a tough choice to make on November 6.  Should they vote to support vaping by voting yes on Amendment 9? Or should they vote to support the environment by voting no?  Vapers must choose.  Amendment 9 makes it impossible to support both.

Or they could simply choose to just skip that vote entirely, which would be irresponsible.  However unfair this may seem, that’s the state of democracy in America at the moment.  No matter which way Florida vapers choose to vote, the most important thing it to vote in the first place.   

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(Image courtesy of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show)

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