The Big Secret that no one ever talks about: Switching to vaping boosts physical energy

There are many reasons why millions of smokers are turning to vaping as a tobacco harm reduction tool. Vapor products cost less than combustible tobacco products, for one thing.  They are also far less toxic in comparison.

However, there is one rather unexpected and very positive phenomenon that always occurs within hours of making the switch, and only dedicated vapers know that this mysterious occurrence even exists.  What’s the Big Secret?

Switching to vaping from highly carcinogenic tobacco cigarettes produces an instantaneous and massive boost of physical energy and mental clarity that only grows more intense over time - as long as the vaper remains completely smoke-free.

Many smokers are completely unaware that Big Tobacco cigarette products are laced with thousands of noxious chemicals, many of which are intentionally included because they make smoking more palatable and, therefore, promote addiction.  A significant number of these chemical compounds – about seventy - are also carcinogenic, and almost all of them essentially pollute the human body which causes smokers to feel increasingly sluggish both mentally and physically.

Living a better life by switching to vaping

While the timeline will vary depending on the vaping habits of the user, most newbie vapers report feeling an enhanced sense of physical energy and mental focus within the first few hours of making the switch.  In fact, the unexpected and rather jolting sensations can often be so intense that it becomes somewhat disconcerting.   What are newbie vapers supposed to do with all of this newfound energy?

All of a sudden, they have the undeniable urge to get out of the house and go for a walk, travel to the local farmer’s market to purchase some fresh vegies, or head to the nearby gym for a quick workout.  They feel great.  They feel exuberant.  They feel unstoppable.  And they often have no idea why. 

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It’s the tobacco-free e-liquid that’s likely the cause.  Vapor products never contain tobacco, which further means that they also lack those thousands of polluting chemicals, too.  The only commonality between smoking and vaping is that they both may include nicotine (some e-liquids are also zero-nicotine).

Nicotine is not the enemy here.  There’s nicotine in lots of everyday foods that Americans love to eat.  Tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, and potatoes each contain measurable amounts of nicotine.  If nicotine were the real concern of public health officials, then the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would have made pizza and French fries illegal decades ago. 

Tar is the real enemy, not nicotine

The real enemy is the tar produced in the smoke of combustible cigarettes.  This thick, syrupy, black goo clogs the arteries, saturates the lining of the lungs and respiratory system, and makes breathing more laborious the longer that a smoker smokes.  Is it any wonder that smokers consistently feel so run down and fatigued all the time?

This completely repellent and revolting tar can only be produced from the burning of tobacco leaves.  And since vaping is 100% tobacco-free, smokers who switch completely to vaping will never again ingest this deadly tar into their systems.

Furthermore, upon making the switch, the human body immediately begins expelling this toxic gook from the system, which only contributes to the almost instantaneous sensations of improved energy and mental clarity.  It really is quite remarkable.

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Another contributing factor is that as smokers-turned-vapers begin to breath easier and more deeply, their blood becomes more oxygenated.  As the human body continues to feed itself more and more oxygen – pure oxygen that is not laced with lethal levels of tar, carcinogens, and chemicals – the entire body reaps the rewards.

For the improved health of the body, mind, and spirit, switching to vaping is definitely worth a second look.  For smokers who want to get physically fit, lose some weight, spend more quality time with their families, or just plain feel better on a daily basis, switching to vaping is that way to go.

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