Sneaky vaping: Does vaping marijuana stink?

Vaping is so popular these days, and the massive amounts of different e-liquids produce such a wide variety of sweet smells, that vaping weed in public is far less obvious to the uneducated nose than ever before.  Innocent bystanders probably can’t tell if your vaping the latest strain of Acapulco Gold or a new berry-tobacco flavored Juul pod. 

To be completely honest, vaping dry herb cannabis does indeed smell. Vaping weed doesn’t stink as bad as smoking it, but it certainly isn’t completely odorless.  Even the highest-grade pot produces a slightly dank smell, even when it’s still stored in your pocket.  Once you open the container, the odor blasts through the room like wildfire.  Luckily, there are ways to engage in 420 activities without all the attention-grabbing aroma.

Vape maintenance and trickery

Cleaning your vaping device on a regular basis definitely helps keep the smell at bay, especially if the device utilizes conduction heating technology like most already do.  Some marijuana vapers use a spoofer, which is usually just a toilet paper roll stuffed with a few sheets of fabric softener.  After they inhale their vape, they exhale through the tube resulting in a vaporized weed that smells like fresh laundry.

Others resort to vaping next to an open bag of popcorn which absorbs the scent rather quickly.  Of course, there are more technologically advanced methods for reducing the smell of pot, too.

Does using dab pens for marijuana stink?

Dab pens tend to reduce the smell of stinky pot compared to vaping it in dry herb form.  However, the physical handling and manipulation of the dabs can cause a certain amount of odor to infiltrate the space even before you heat it, depending on the type of wax being used. 

Softer dabs like budder tend to be smellier, whereas crumple and shatter remain relatively scent-free until they are heated.  Using a rig will not reduce the smell further.  In fact, rigs tend to be stinkier partially due to the larger clouds being produced. 

Does using oil pens for weed stink?

Oil vapes tend to produce the least amount of stinkiness possible. They still produce an odor, which is proportionally dependent on how big of a drag you take.  The aroma from smaller hits can usually be absorbed quickly through the popcorn strategy.

Even if you take a small hit and immediately blow it out a car window, there will usually be a faint smell of terpene that quickly dissipates.  Fortunately, the odor caused by the THC oil usually disintegrates much faster compared to dry herb or dabs.

For newbie vapers who thought that vaping weed would be stealthier than the old-fashioned methods of joints and bongs, sadly you are mistaken.  Weed is weed.  It has a stink, but different methods of ingesting it and some simple tomfoolery centering primarily around popcorn goes a long way in masking its aromatic aftermath.

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