Scientist: Anti-vaping hysteria is blowing ‘biggest public health opportunity’ of 120 years

As media reports are now surfacing that a Trump flavor ban will likely be implemented within the week, many within the American vaping community are feeling victimized.  How can a mysterious lung disorder that seems to have materialized almost out of nowhere be blamed on the vaping of conventional nicotine-based vapor products?  After all, mainstream vaping has been around for well over a decade, and nothing like this has ever happened in the past. 

Even the FDA and, to a lesser extent, the CDC are publicly acknowledging that over 90 percent of the related medical diagnoses are directly attributable to the usage of Black Market, THC-containing cartridges.  So, why does Trump want to ban flavored nicotine vapes?  Why isn’t he banning THC vaping instead, or better yet, combustible tobacco cigarettes…or Opioids…or assault weapons?

NYU’s Dr. Abrams weighs in on US vaping crisis

Dr. David Abrams is a Professor of Social and Behavior Sciences at New York University, and in a recent interview with CBS This Morning, Abrams makes some rather astonishing statements.  When asked about his opinions of the 2015 research published by Public Health England which indicates that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking, Dr. Abrams said the following.

"Actually, I would go further.  I think there's no evidence from looking at the cancer biomarkers, that it could be as high as 98% or 99% for cancer."

He also expressed his concerns that the public hysteria taking place currently over the so-called vaping-related lung illnesses may distract from the overwhelmingly positive health benefits of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction tool.  Abrams worries that if a Trump flavor ban becomes a reality, then millions of adult and underage smokers will be strongly tempted to return to Big Tobacco products.  In fact, he continues, if anything is to be banned, it should be combustible tobacco cigarettes not e-cigs.

“Completely discouraging vaping, without also discouraging smoking, is doing more harm than good…Nobody should be smoking antiquated cigarettes that kill half the people that use them when we now have a [safer] product…”
"I think we've forgotten that 120 years ago, the disruptive technology was the cigarette rolling machine that literally caused this epidemic of lung cancer and other diseases. And now we have an opportunity 120 years later to get rid of the cigarette with a new technology that delivers nicotine in a very satisfying way without the major harms of burning tobacco.  If we lose this opportunity, I think we will have blown the single biggest public health opportunity we've ever had in 120 years to get rid of cigarettes and replace them with a much safer form of nicotine for everybody."

Dr. Abrams also points out that there is zero evidence that conventional nicotine-enhanced vapor products are to blame for the outbreak of mysterious respiratory injuries suddenly appearing across the nation.  "We haven't seen a single case that a commercially made legitimate e-cigarette that smokers are using has caused any of these illnesses," Abrams stated.

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(Image courtesy of publichealth.nyu.edu)

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