SAFTA issues call-to-action: Trump demands 3rd wave of Trump Tariffs on vaping

On August 20, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) began holding hearings regarding a proposed third wave of Trump Tariffs that will further escalate prices on imported vaping products from China.  The second wave, known as a tranche is legislative terms, has already resulted in a 10-25 percent increase on a wide range of the top vape mods and electronic cigarettes sold in the United States.

The third tranche is attempting to add another 25 percent on top of that, meaning that vapers could theoretically see tax increases totaling 50% overall, and there is no clarification as to which e-cigs and vapor products will be adversely affected.  Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the Trump Administration will be stopping their Trade War with China after only three tranches.  There could still be a fourth or even a fifth wave in the coming months.

SAFTA needs the help of the vaping community; Issues call-to-action

The second wave of Trump Tariffs has officially gone into effect as of August  23, 2018 (last week), and the vaping advocacy group Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) is reporting that so far the tax increase only affects “complete hardware kits.” However, the third wave would potentially affect individual vaping components like coils, tanks, batteries, and atomizers.

SAFTA is also reporting that the USTR is allowing the submission of comments into the public record regarding the proposed the third tranche.  As a result, SAFTA officials will be partnering with leaders within the vaping industry to compile hard data and statistic documentation outlining how the Trump Tariffs will negatively affect vaping.  In an email sent on August 29 (yesterday), SFATA Director Mark Anton makes the following call-to-action.

“We find this unacceptable, so SFATA is partnering with other industry associations to provide comments that could result in the tariffs being lowered or even dismissed. BUT, to accomplish this, WE'RE GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP!”

Always leading the charge for Vapers Rights, SAFTA is issuing a Call-to-Action requesting members of the American vaping community to get involved immediately by completing the USTR Comments Questionnaire (see below link).  The deadline to respond is Friday, August 30, 2018!  Please do not wait!  The Future of American Vaping depends on YOU!

CLICK HERE to respond to the USTR Comments Questionnaire TODAY!

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