Research shows vaping CBD helps manage diabetes in three very important ways

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that over 100 million people are living with diabetes in America, which is approximately 33 percent of the U.S. population. On top of that, the medical community has diagnosed another 85 million people as prediabetic.  If this latter group of patients do not begin living a healthier lifestyle very quickly, then they are very likely to develop Type II diabetes within the next five years.

As more and more states are now legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, the cannabidiol or CBD industry is offering a wider range of interesting products.  Advocates of cannabis-based or hemp-based cannabidiol brag that these products offer several holistic and medicinal benefits.  CBD aids in the relief of migraines, manages chronic pain, relieves muscle pain and inflammation, and even helps manage chronic depression and anxiety disorders.

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However, since the autumn of 2019 when the mysterious “vaping related” EVALI disorder first began appearing in the news, many diabetics might be fearful of vaping CBD to help manage their diabetes. To overcome this fear, the FDA simply recommends that vapers purchase their products from reliable vendors – those who do not use the additive vitamin E acetate as diluting ingredient in their CBD oils.  After all, vaping – in general - doesn’t cause EVALI.  Vaping of vitamin E acetates does. 

Diabetics should especially be careful and avoid the purchasing of CBD products from non-verified third parties, in-person dealers, or other black market sources. But once the patient locates a reputable retailer, the vaping of CBD oils offers at least three potential health benefits for effective diabetes management.

Vaping CBD for neuropathy disorders

One of the more challenging side effects of living with diabetes is the uncomfortable and sometimes painful nerve damage that results.  It typically appears as a slight tingling sensation in the hands and feet, but any part of the human body is susceptible to these types of neuropathy disorders.  As the diabetes progresses, the nerve damage can increase in severity or spread to other parts of the body.

While scientists and physicians have already documented that CBD oils can aid in the management of neuropathic pain, the vaping of CBD helps patients deliver that relief much faster. The patients can also vape as little or as much CBD that they need based on their level of discomfort, which reduces waste and saves money.    Research is also currently being conducted in Europe that suggests vaping CBD may even reverse nerve damage completely while protecting the liver from unnecessary oxidative stress.

Vaping CBD for insulin management

The human pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin, and a primary function of insulin is to regulate blood sugar levels.  Some diabetics have a more difficult time producing this insulin while others may produce too much.  Some diabetics may not have a problem with their insulin production, but their bodies are not capable of absorbing the glucose within. 

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Scientists now suspect that the proven anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have an added benefit of enhancing insulin resistance in diabetics.  While research is currently underway in several countries around the globe, the prevailing theory among academics is that CBD reduces diabetes-associated inflammation which allows the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently. In turn, the reduced inflammation levels make it easier for the human body to metabolize blood sugars.

Vaping CBD for body weight management

One of the more frustrating side effects for patients living with Type II Diabetes is their tendency to gain weight, especially around the midsection.  Research indicates that the vaping of CBD enhances weight loss, regulates appetite, and even reduces anxiety which can lead to over-eating.   

One study recently published in the U.S. Library of Medicine (NCBI) suggests that vaping CBD may also enhance the body’s metabolism, which means that diabetics could spend much less time worrying about the amount of food that they eat and focus more on achieving a higher quality of life.  Because the NCBI study only involved animal subjects during their testing procedures, the researchers are not yet ready to confirm officially that humans also experience that same boost in metabolism.  But many Diabetics swear that it works. 

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