Research: 80% of children with autism see improvements with CBD therapies

Israeli scientists are leading the way in revolutionary new research regarding cannabis-based CBD therapies as a potentially effective treatment for children diagnosed with autism.  The study led by Dr. Adi Aran of the Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem began by selecting 60 autistic kids whose parents agreed to allow cannabidiol or CBD treatments for a period of at least seven months.  When the clinical trial came to its conclusion, the researchers documented some rather astonishing findings.

  • 80 percent of the parents reported notable declines in the autism-associated problematic behaviors of their youngsters.
  • 62 percent reported witnessing significant improvements.
  • About 50 percent of the children experienced dramatic progress in their communications skills.
  • Approximately 40 percent of children with autism previously diagnosed with various anxiety disorders (about two-thirds of overall control group) experienced substantial decreases in episodic outbreaks.

According to a report by Israel National News, Dr. Aran is a true visionary and a pioneer in the field of research involving cannabinoid therapies for autism in children.  His prior 2017 project involving 120 autistic children is considered the first of its kind in the world.  The progressive cannabis research was even endorsed and funded by the Israeli government.

As news spread of his success, thousands of families with children on the spectrum began lining up on the doctor’s doorstep hoping to be placed on the waiting list for this potentially miraculous treatment for childhood autism.

CBD therapies are not an official cure for childhood autism (yet)

To be clear, medical experts do not know much about this rare disorder.  The causes for this neurological condition are largely unknown, and therefore, there is no real cure.  Its effects typically first appear in early childhood, which can include the onset of repetitive, compulsive behaviors, tendencies to avoid eye contact, and impaired social and communications skills.

However, most scientists agree that the sooner the child receives a professional medical diagnosis and begins receiving treatment and counseling, the more apt he or she is to move forward and live a long, happy, and independent life as an adult.  A safe and effective CBD therapy could potentially improve the quality of life for millions of autistic kids.

In 2004, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 1 in 166 children are born with autism.  In 2018, that number has soared to a current estimate of 1 in every 59 children.  Meanwhile, a large percentage of diagnosed kids rarely respond to existing pharmaceutical remedies. 

Clearly, the need for effective therapies in this field is urgently needed, and Dr. Aran is hopeful that t non-psychoactive CBD oils will be just what the doctor ordered for the beautiful children around the world living with this neurological disorder. 

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