NBC, CBS report THC found in 89% of lung diseases ‘linked to vaping’

As the vapor community continues to battle devastating headlines which falsely claim that vaping is causing a surge of mysterious lung ailments in Wisconsin and Illinois, two news outlets are finally coming to the rescue.  Yes, contrary to past history, two mainstream media organizations  - NBC and CBS - are actually coming to the defense of American vapers – well, sort of.

Although the investigation is "complex and ongoing,” according to NBC News, Wisconsin state health officials are finally putting a name to these secretive lung disorders.  Severe chemical pneumonitis is an inflammatory condition of the respiratory tract that is typically caused by the inhaling of irritants, and in these cases, that irritant appears to be the cannabis-derived, psychoactive compound of THC.

After interviewing 27 of the alleged patients, 89 percent admitted to using vaping devices or electronic cigarettes to inhale THC-infused products.  But there’s an even bigger problem here.   Why did so many mainstream media outlets blame the strange events directly on the vaping industry rather than wait to learn the true facts?

FDA’s role (or lack thereof) in cannabis and THC regulation

Even more absurd, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has spent almost two years lambasting the vapor industry for its alleged causation of a teen vaping “epidemic.”  Meanwhile, medical marijuana dispensaries are popping up all over the country, most especially in the anti-vaping state of California where both San Francisco and Berkeley have passed local ordinances abolishing the sales of vapor products completely.

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Furthermore, the FDA regulates the vapor industry – heavily – including the requirement for manufacturers of e-liquids to report all ingredients in writing and under penalty of perjury.  Vapor products and e-juices have very strict packaging and labeling requirements, too.

The FDA, however, has no regulatory oversight of the medical or recreational cannabis markets, of THC-enhance products, or of other non-nicotine substances. 

Wisconsin health officials still using anti-vaping scare-tactics

While the vaping community is collectively breathing a modest sign of relief that someone – anyone – is finally coming to the defense of vaping, the statements being provided by Wisconsin health officials are only half-measures.  Yes, THC is likely to blame, but they are also announcing that all Wisconsinites should immediately stop vaping just to be safe.

“’Vaping cartridges containing THC may include chemicals or additives that are unknown, unregulated, and unsafe,’ Department of Health Services Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said in a statement. ‘We strongly urge people not to vape.’”

CBS News is now providing a similarly alarming headline that reads, Milwaukee officials urge residents to stop vaping immediately.  In the CBS report, Dr. Michael Meyer of Wisconsin Children's Hospital even falsely told reporters, "Vaping is promoted as a safer alternative when in reality it is not.”  To be clear, multiple health agencies including the UK’s Public Health England say that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

Rest unassured, American vapers.  It’s ain’t over yet!  We’re still going to get blamed for this hogswallop whether we like it or not.

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