Hey Gov. DeSantis! It’s time to veto the Florida vape ban bill!

When any state in America decides to pass a vape ban bill, it always requires the signature of the governor before it officially becomes law.  When a state like Florida begins this diabolical process, vaping enthusiasts around the country grow increasingly concerned.  If it can happen in Florida, what’s stopping it from happening in your neck of the woods?

After passing both houses of the state legislature in March, SB 810 has been sitting on the desk of Governor Ron DeSantis for over five months now.  While the state’s top politician has a lot of issues on his plate at the moment (coronavirus escalations, rising death counts, debates over how to open schools safely, etc.), DeSantis is an avid Trump supporter.  And President Trump doesn’t like vape bans. 

Trump considered a federal vaping ban in 2019 - but decided against it. 

Last September, the president made an off-the-cuff remark during a press conference at the White House that drew immediate nationwide attention.  During the televised event, Mr. Trump announced that he was thinking about banning all flavored vapor products other than tobacco and menthol.

His comments were met with high praise from the Democrats and even many Republicans, but Donald Trump didn’t go through with it in the long run.  Why?

Apparently, the First Lady was the one initially pushing a vape ban behind the scenes. Ms. Melania had evidently read something on Twitter about a newly discovered “vaping related” lung disorder, and she was understandably concerned.  After all, Donald and Melania have a teenage son – Baron Trump.

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The mysterious ailment would soon be given a name by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – EVALI (an acronym that stands for e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury.  But after weeks of investigation by the CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and even the President himself, Trump came to his own conclusions

After holding a White House meeting of members of the medical community, executives of vape companies like JUUL and VUSE, advocacy groups within the vaping community, and even some anti-vaping activist organizations like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids,  Trump decided against a total flavor ban due to concerns over the potential rise in black market “poison.”  In late November 2019 during an ABC News Live, the President made the following statement.

 “The one thing I see though, you watch prohibition, you look at, with the alcohol, you look at cigarettes, if you don’t give it to them, it’s going to come here illegally. Okay.  They’re going to make it.  But instead of Reynolds or Juul or legitimate companies, good companies, making something that’s safe, they’re going to be selling stuff on the street corner that could be horrible.   That’s the one problem I can’t seem to forget.  I’ve seen it.  You just have to look at the history of it. And now, instead of having a flavor that’s at least safe, they’re going to be having a flavor that’s poison.  That’s a big problem.”

Turns out, Trump was right.  By March of 2020 – around the same time that the Florida Congress was passing SB 810, the CDC would publicly admit that EVALI wasn’t caused by nicotine-based vapor products at all.  The real culprit was black market THC-enhanced cartridges illegally manufactured with vitamin E acetate, a substance used by counterfeiters to dilute the cannabis oil to a vape-friendly texture. 

CDC’s own data voids the need for a Florida vape ban entirely

Perhaps Gov. DeSantis already knows about the CDC data which completely voids the need for a Florida flavor ban.  While the mainstream media continues to promote anti-vaping propaganda on a regular basis, DeSantis – like Donald Trump – is not a big fan of the mainstream media.    

And while the press continues to blame nicotine-based vaping for EVALI, COVID, and every other respiratory disease imaginable, the CDC stated clearly in a February 25, 2020 press release that the mysterious lung disorder is not “vaping related” at all.  It’s “vitamin E acetate-related.” 

“Due to continued declines in new EVALI cases since September 2019, and the identification of vitamin E acetate as a primary cause of EVALI, today’s release is the final biweekly CDC update on the number of hospitalized EVALI cases and deaths nationally. CDC will continue to provide assistance to states, as needed, related to EVALI and will provide future updates as needed at: www.cdc.gov/lunginjury.”

It's time to put Florida vapers out of their misery – and the rest of the nation, as well.  It’s time for Governor Ron DeSantis to VETO the vape ban bill SB 810 once and for all.  After five long and stressful months since its passage in the state congress, DeSantis should finally act now.

The vaping advocacy group - Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) – has created an easy-to-use webpage that allows vapers across the nation to appeal to Governor DeSantis by asking that he VETO SB 810.  Simply CLICK HERE to compose a personalized email message the governor. 

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