Fun fact: At Oscars 2019 last night, CBD gets mad respect but vaping still odd man out

Yes, we know that many vapers might skip right over this goofy article, but in the midst of all the negative news about vaping, it’s time for some silliness.

The Academy Awards took place last night, and correspondents from E! Live From The Red Carpet are reporting via Bustle that Oscar-nominated actress Melissa McCarthy is a CBD enthusiast.  Apparently, she slathered some cannabidiol-enhanced ointment on her tootsies to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with wearing high heels.

This lady was probably preparing for a long night ahead of canoodling with movie stars, producers, and hangers-on.  Plus, Melissa McCarthy is just so damn funny!  So, E-News and the other mainstream media give both McCarthy and CBD oil a free pass.   

Yes, even CBD oil gets more respect than vaping. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I love CBD products.  They are incredibly useful for a wide range of health issues.  And don’t even get me started on legalized marijuana.  But how come CBD and weed get oodles and oodles of love and admiration from the mainstream media while vaping is still the odd man out?

Awards shows are notorious for these sorts of trivial stories.  But their reactions – depending on the product-in-question are decidedly mixed.

Six years ago at the 2016 Oscars, the famous Leonardo DiCaprio was seen vaping at several of the after-parties.  The news became a next day sensation because – allegedly – the then-newly-anointed winner of the Best Actor Oscar almost forgot where he placed his new trophy because he was partying (and vaping) so hard.

Two years prior at the 2014 Emmy Awards, Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus was caught on-camera vaping a blue-lighted cigalike during the televised ceremony.  And of course, the nanny state immediately chastised her for it, even though she was intentionally vaping during a funny skit in which she pretended to be overly obnoxious, repulsively arrogant Movie Star Diva.

Vaping has since been banned from the live-televised event in the years since.

Oh well.  It must be nice to be a hemp, CBD, or marijuana enthusiast.  Just don’t be caught vaping the stuff on-camera.   No vaping allowed – still. 

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