Don’t overthink it: Four simple reasons to switch to vaping

The mainstream media loves to post stories in social media that vaping is bad for public health.  Claims run rampant that e-liquids are laced with germs and formaldehyde, that vaping can cause seizures, and even that e-cig use can increase the chances of stroke and heart disease.  Yet, even though reputable scientists have overwhelming debunked each of these ridiculous claims immediately, many adult smokers remain understandably confused.  Should they make the switch to vaping or not?

The trouble with these salacious stories in the press is that they are 100% accurate – but only when applied to the smoking of combustible tobacco products.  Comparatively, the federal public health agency of the United Kingdom, Public Health England, has believed since 2016 that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.   Period.

When deciding to vape or not to vape, keep it simple.  Don’t overthink it.  Common sense dictates that a smokeless, completely tobacco-free product is a heck of a lot safer than a tobacco cigarette that is a known cause of every type of cancer known to man. Here are four simple reasons to stop smoking and switch to vaping.

Zero tobacco

Don’t get it twisted.  Nicotine is not tobacco.  Government agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) often release misleading public statements warning against another generation of teenagers becoming addicted to nicotine.  But the science shows that nicotine is largely non-addictive, at least not on the same level as combustible tobacco products.

What is very addictive, however, is the hundreds of extra chemicals that Big Tobacco manufacturers intentionally hide inside the combustible cigarettes themselves.  And these extra chemicals are what keep smokers hooked.  Meanwhile, the e-liquids used in vaping contain none of these nasty, highly-addictive substances.  They are made with only three ingredients: FDA-approved vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol (an artificial sweetener found in many ice creams), and flavorings. 

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Furthermore, the smoke from conventional cigarettes contains highly toxic levels of tar, which clogs arteries (resulting in increased risks of heart disorders) and creates massive damage to the lungs and respiratory system.  And the tar only comes from the burning of tobacco leaves, not from vaping.  The e-liquids used in vaping are 100% tobacco-free.  So, consequently, the resulting vapor is 100% tar-free, as well. 

Cleaner and easier to use

Another major reason to switch to vaping is its convenience of use.  Vape pens and mods are very portable.  Users never have to carry a lighter or worry about lighting up in potentially dangerous locations.  There’s never the need for dirty ashtrays lying around the house, and their vehicles never smell like years-old tobacco smoke.  Smokers breath and yellow teeth are no longer an issue, and the clothes of vapers remain odor-free, as well.

Cheaper than smoking

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Virginia - deep in the heart of Tobacco Country– is around $6.00.  In larger metropolitan areas like New York, they are at least double that price. On the other hand, a standard refillable vape pen can cost as little as $12, which is less than a 2-day supply of smokes for most people.  Prices on e-liquids are even cheaper, plus the vaper has significantly more flavor selections to choose from. 

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Sure, many vapers can get carried away, especially in the early days of making the switch to vaping.  It’s far too easy to be tempted into purchasing the latest vape mod or pod mod on the market.  And who wouldn’t want to stock up on ten bottles of $6 e-juice when every single flavor sounds mouthwateringly delicious?   So, for all those aspiring newbie vapers out there, be sure to keep your wits about you during those first few purchases.

Better at helping smokers quit

The FDA refuses to allow vapor companies to promote their products as smoking cessation aids.  Those rights and privileges are only reserved for Big Pharma products like “the patch” and nicotine gums, even though study after study indicates that these over-the-counter products simply do not work. Meanwhile, vaping has helped millions of smokers quit.  In fact, a February 2019 study posted in New England Journal of Medicine suggests that vaping is twice as effective at smoking cessation compared to the Big Pharma alternatives.

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