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Don’t look now, but there’s a Vape Master video game on the market

This is a story that will definitely divide the vaping community into two, very distinct camps.  The release of a new video came named Vape Master will induce anger and fury in some, and belly laughs and chuckles in others.  Let’s see where YOU stand.

First of all, the world of video games always follows the trends and nuances of popular culture.  This has been true since the early days of pinball machines and Ms. Pac Man.  So, the likelihood of a video game about vaping being designed and released was almost a 100% certainty.

But is Vape Master good or bad for the War on Vaping?  Or should we even care?

How to play Vape Master

Apparently, there are several different “characters” that the player can choose to be.  Most of the avatars - well, all of them, really -  look like hygiene-impaired juvenile delinquents with strange or half-closed eyes, scraggly beards, and oddly placed baseball caps.

The object of the game is to vape your way through a maze of events consisting of a nightclub, a movie theater, and a sports stadium.  Fill the rooms with clouds to outwit your opponents or to hide from the lurking security guard nearby.  The winner completes the task in the shortest amount of time (and before the battery runs out on his or her vape mod).


Inhale too much e-juice at any given time, and your avatar will cough up a storm, which loses the player precious time and vape juice.  Meanwhile, you can earn coins along the way to buy cool, new vape gear, clothing, or accessories, much like Criminal Case on Facebook.  

Video Game of the Year?

Now, many vapers will take one look at this video game and cringe in disgust at the designers’ depiction of vapers as such vile looking individuals.  The mere presence of security guards in Vape Master alone is enough to make certain activists start boycotting Google Play altogether.

But this is a video game, not an HBO episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.  Political correctness aside, it’s still a well-illustrated concept.  Well, at least one video game expert seems to think so anyway.

There aren’t many reviews about Vape Master online just yet, but the website ToughArcade is calling it the “First contender for 2017 Game of the Year.”

Some of the “vaping elite” will likely begin wondering if the game is secretly funded by the FDA.  Others might take the humor in stride and find the game quite entertaining.  Which side do YOU fall on?



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