Did Newsweek just endorse vaping?

Vaping is often a topic of debate among the mainstream media, but when a publication like Newsweek seemingly endorses vaping, it’s truly newsworthy.  There has been a news story circulating on social media lately which highlights a recent study indicating that vaping does not stain the teeth like cigarette smoking does.  Putting aside for the moment that most people reporting the story seem to be confusing vaping with Heat-not-Burn technology, the really odd thing about this research is that it was conducted and published by scientists employed by cigarette manufacturer British American Tobacco (BAT).

Perhaps this is the reason that so many media outlets are sharing the story on websites and blogs around the world.  Or could it be the fact that BAT researchers performed their testing procedures on cow’s teeth?

Whatever the reason, Newsweek is joining in the vaping/HnB hullabaloo.  Today, the highly respected news publication ran a story entitled, Vaping won’t stain teeth unlike cigarettes, new study says. Now, just because Newsweek ran the article does not necessarily mean that the organization is endorsing vaping.  However, to this blogger, the endorsement is implied simply by running the article. 

Imagine MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough discussing and praising vaping for its teeth whitening benefits on Morning Joe.  It would never happen.  So, kudos for Newsweek’s recent article.  Even though they confused vaping with HnB technology, the vaping community needs all the positive press it can get these days. 

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