Cold and flu season: Vaping chamomile may be the perfect, natural remedy

It’s cold and flu season once again, and everyone knows that drinking a hot, steaming cup of chamomile tea helps relieve those nasty symptoms of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and sore throats. A hot beverage infused with this seemingly miraculous dry herb even provides a more restful night’s sleep, which in turn, helps relieve those uncomfortable aches and pains.  But what if drinking tea is not really your thing?  Science suggest that maybe you should consider vaping your chamomile instead.

Vaping chamomile give a boost to the immune system.

As far back as 2005, the American Chemical Society (ACS) published a report in the online journal Science Daily entitled Chamomile Tea: New Evidence Supports Health Benefits.  The ACS claims that eating and drinking foods high in chamomile cause the human body to produce more phenolics, glycine, and hippurates which have a direct effect on the immune system.  In fact, the research indicates that drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis even prevents reoccurrences of the cold and flu and their related symptoms.

Vaping chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory for aches and pains.

Another positive side effect that chamomile has on the human body is its unique ability to boost the production of certain prostaglandins, according to the Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry (JAC).  Scientists believe that when production of this hormone-like chemical is reduced, perhaps through catching a cold or the flu, the body’s capabilities of fighting off the associated pain and inflammation of muscle tissue are proportionally diminished.  Vaping chamomile e-liquids high in these anti-inflammatories can help relieve these uncomfortable symptoms and the often-related poor night’s sleep that can so often jeopardize a speedy recovery.

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Vaping chamomile has antibacterial properties, too.

Research also indicates that chamomile products are high in antioxidants which protect the body from the damage caused by overexposure to free radicals.  Contrary to popular misconceptions, free radical damage is not necessarily derived from an overexposure to the sun.  Although chamomile’s antioxidant properties are highly effective in healing sunburn, they are also quite effective in helping the body to thwart off other free radicals and infectious bacteria that can prolong a cold or flu.  Reversing the effects of free radical damage may also give the complexion a healthier glow while preventing premature aging and even the creation of new wrinkles. 

Vaping chamomile is high in antioxidants useful in cancer prevention.

According to Heartline, there are several scientific studies which indicate that the high antioxidant properties of chamomile may help lower the health risks associated with skin cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and several other varieties.  It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, prevents bone loss, and aids in the relief of chemotherapy-related vomiting and nausea.  These claims are further supported by a more recent 2015 study involving thyroid cancer entitled The effect of Greek herbal tea consumption on thyroid cancer: a case-control study published in NCBI

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