Coca-Cola in ‘serious talks’ to produce CBD-infused beverages

The Coca-Cola Company is currently considering a partnership with Toronto-based Aurora Cannabis to create a line of cannabidiol-infused beverages.  The new product line could theoretically result in cannabis-infused Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani bottled water, Powerade, and an abundance of other drinks.

Scientific research now indicates that the ingestion of marijuana products offers several therapeutic benefits including relief from pain, inflammation, and cramping.  Contrary to popular opinion, the user does not need to smoke the weed to receive its medicinal value.  Drinking it through Cannabis-Coke products works just fine, too.

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If the recent announcement happens to turn into a reality, then the catch phrase “Have a Coke and a Smile” might take on a whole new meaning.  However, recreational marijuana enthusiasts should curb their enthusiasm for the time being.  According to Bloomberg, the first line of beverages will only be using non-psychoactive cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD.  In other words, the drinker will not catch a buzz from drinking Cannabis-Coke. 

“Coca-Cola Co. is in ‘serious talks’ with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to develop cannabis-infused beverages, a groundbreaking move that would signal a significant foray into the marijuana sector by one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands, multiple sources familiar with the matter told BNN Bloomberg.”
“The sources said that Coca-Cola the world’s largest beverage company, is interested in developing beverages that are infused with cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana plants.”

The Coca-Cola company has been approached many times in the past to potentially partner with marijuana and alcohol companies for the potential development of additional product lines.  However, the manufacturer of the world’s most family-friendly soft drink likely did not find the marketing of high-inducing soft drinks very beneficial to the company brand.

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But thanks to the rise in popularity of CBD in recent years – and the reams of scientific research documenting its many health benefits - Coca Cola may have finally stumbled upon yet another cash-cow.  According to a company spokesperson, Coke will be marketing the new beverage line as healthy “recovery drinks”  while hopefully maintaining their family-friendly reputation. 

Aurora Cannabis is not the first marijuana company to approached Coca-Cola.  Just two months ago, executives from Aphria Incorporated based in Ontario proposed a similar arrangement with the beverage company for development of a similar line of cannabis-enhanced products, but the deal fell through. 

The long journey towards Cannabis Coke

Why is Coke apparently only talking with Canadian cannabis companies?  One reason may be that in June 2018 America’s Neighbor to the North became the second country in the world following Uruguay to legalize marijuana.  The move was initially considered controversial because legalizing cannabis is technically a violation of international law.  Coke obviously has some sort of work-around already in mind.

Shortly after the announcement of a potential Coke-Aurora partnership, shares of the cannabis company’s stock skyrocketed by almost 17 percent.  Shares of Coca-Cola stock also rose by another .72 percent on the New York Stock Exchange.  At least for now, all indications point to a GO for Cannabis-Coke.

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