CASAA Call-to-Action: Please sign petition for FDA to extend PMTA deadline

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all manufacturers of open-system vaping products and e-liquids must submit Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA) by September 9 or be forced to pull products from the market. 

As it stands now, tens of thousands of vape juices and other gear will immediately disappear from e-commerce sites and vape shop shelves within the next 12 DAYS unless the FDA grants a legal extension.

Just this morning, the national vaping advocacy group The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued a Call-to-Action requesting that everyone get involved.  All are strongly encouraged to participate, including veteran vapers, smokers still trying to quit through a transition to flavored vapor products, vape shop owners and employees – essentially anyone who believes in the lifesaving health benefits of vaping!

Citizen’s petition filed in the Maryland District Court for PMTA Extension regarding vapes!

The deadline for the PMTA process has been influx since its creation amid the release of the FDA deeming regulations in mid-2016.  Over the years, the FDA has pushed forward the deadline for applications submittals several times.  Then last year, the Maryland District Court ruled that the FDA must adhere to a firm date of September 9.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many manufacturers are having extreme difficulties compiling the necessary documentation required to complete the PMTA process.  A high percentage of the laboratories are either closed or already in use by medical experts and virologists diligently working to develop vaccines or therapeutics to combat the virus.  The same can be said for the scientists working inside these labs, as well.

Maryland District Court is already extending the PMTA deadline for small cigars!

As the deadline fast approaches, many manufacturers in the vapor industry simply do not have enough time, money, or resources to meet the FDA’s current timeline demands.  And we are not alone.  The cigar industry is also struggling, and they have recently been granted a legal extension of 180-days by the same Maryland District Court.   Now, it is the vaping industry’s turn to appeal to the courts for an extension!

On August 24, 2020,  the law firm of Keller and Heckman LLP filed a Citizen’s Petition requesting a 180-day extension.  According to CASAA, “All interested parties are invited to comment on the Citizen’s Petition by filling out the form provided on this page and customizing your message.” If the petition is successful in swaying the court’s opinion, then the PMTA process will have a new deadline of March 8, 2020.

Again, all members of the vaping community are strongly encouraged to sign the petition and get involved.  Feel free to share personal stories of how switching to vaping has improved your health or the lives of family, friends, and loved ones. 

Vape shops and vendors should share the difficulties of complying with the current September 9 deadline and how failing to do so might hurt their businesses indefinitely or perhaps terminate them al together. As CASAA CEO Alex Clark states in today’s Call-To-Action email:

“It is vital that people who use vapor products make their voices heard! While this pandemic is obviously putting a strain on services for businesses, people who depend on safer nicotine alternatives in order to stay smoke-free are being even more challenged by the prospects of losing access to these products and feeling pressured to go back to smoking. Whether it’s by regulation or global disaster, removing vapor products from the market threatens to inflict irreversible harm to millions of people.”

Won’t you please help?  It should only take a few minutes to submit your comments to the Citizen’s Petition.  Saving vaping relies heavily on the grassroots efforts and long-term commitment of the vaping community.  Thank you, in advance, for helping us Fight for the Right to Vape!.

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