California to hold Aug. 4 public hearing on statewide vape flavor ban proposal

Next week on August 4, the Health Committee of the California Assembly is slated to hold a public hearing on a bill that, if passed, will ban the sales of flavored vaping products statewide.  Similar measures have been enacted at the local level in cities like San Francisco and Berkeley, but SB 793 is the first legislative proposal attempting to consolidate anti-vaping support across the state

Proponents of the bill often depict vapor products as an extension of Big Tobacco and a tool designed specifically to lure young children into the world of combustible cigarettes.  The vaping community, however, knows this to be untrue.  Vapor companies are in no way affiliated with the larger, more politically connected tobacco companies like Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Imperial Brands. 

JUUL Labs – which has Big Tobacco’s Altria as a major investor – is the only vapor company committing this sort of perceived infraction.  But to demonize the entire industry and ban all flavored vapor products simply because of the alleged sins of a single corporation is unjustified, according to vaping enthusiasts and advocacy groups alike.

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California State Senator and sponsor of  SB 793, Jerry Hill (D-District 13) confirms that the legislation will not prohibit the sales of flavored vapor products via e-commerce sites at this time.  However, an amendment could be easily added, depending on the outcome of the public hearing next week. 

Just last year, California passed a prior law that currently restricts online purchases by requiring an in-person signature upon delivery. For these reasons, all vaping enthusiasts (regardless of their state of residence), advocates, vape shops owners, management, and employees are strongly encouraged to attend.

In the meantime, the national vaping advocacy organization - Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) – has created an easy-to-use digital form letter so that the vaping community can send individual messages to their specific elected officials in the State Assembly.  Personal stories of how switching to vaping has improved one’s health or helped smokers to quit permanently are highly recommended.  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FORM LETTER.    

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