BREAKING: New York vaping flavor ban now kaput as ‘tears of relief’ flood NYSVA

The vaping community has much to celebrate today as the state of New York agrees to table proposed legislation prohibiting the sales of flavored e-liquids statewide.   Not even the almost weekly anti-vaping rants of New York Senator Chuck Schumer could stop vaping enthusiasts in The Empire State from achieving victory. 

The news comes on the heels of the devastating defeat on June 6 in San Francisco where bay area voters overwhelming approved similar legislation known as Proposition E by a margin of about 3-1.  In an interview this morning with the New York State Vapor Association (NYSVA), Executive Direct Cheryl Richter says “tears of relief” were among the immediate reactions of many staffers when they first learned of the triumph late last night. 

The House had already passed the notorious Senate Bill S8610, but the proposal was awaiting approval by the Senate.  When news broke yesterday that the Senate would be adjourning until January 2019, NYSVA advocates could see the proverbial writing on the political wall.  At least for now, the New York flavor ban is dead!

NYSVA credits New York vapers for S8610 defeat

While there is still a chance that the bill could reappear in the state’s legislative body next year – either in its current form or a revised version, New York vapers are focusing on the positive and celebrating this impressive achievement with gusto.  Ms. Richter graciously credits this remarkable victory to the consistent, dedicated, and diligent grassroots efforts of the New York vaping community. 

“The vaping community in New York State were so mobilized and consistently communicative through daily and weekly emails, texts, and private messages.  They were a significant contributing factor and truly dedicated to preventing a flavor ban in New York from becoming a reality.”  Ms. Richter also states that several “manufacturers of e-liquids paid very close attention and offered aid” to support the opposition effort, “but unfortunately there were very few.” 

Ms. Richter also notes that “the anti-vaping community in New York is substantial and well-funded,” which many viewed as a nearly insurmountable obstacle.  But New Yorker vapers can be just as substantial, just as committed, and just a tough –even tougher, in fact, as is evident by this amazing win.  Vapers around the country should take note that anything can be accomplished through good, old-fashioned hard work and commitment.  Calling or emailing elected officials in support of vaping doesn’t hurt either.

In addition to heaping mountains of praise on New York vapers for their activism efforts, Ms. Richter also takes the time to express her gratitude to several national vaping advocacy groups which also offered administrative and political support, including the American Vaping Association (AVA), the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA),  and the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA).   Congratulations, New York!  Job well done!

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