Breaking: FDA Chief Scott Gottlieb resigns! Vaping rejoices!

At long last, the two-years of tyranny under FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is finally over.  If the headlines are to be believed, the soon-to-be former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has resigned of his own accord rather than being fired by Donald Trump.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

The resignation follows directly on the heels of a Friday, March 1, meeting at the White House where Gottlieb is reported to have discussed his future plans for his self-proclaimed “vaping epidemic.” As we reported on Sunday, that secret plan involved a rather ghoulish strategy of requiring any retailer who sells flavored vapes to register as an age-restricted venue. 

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If Gottlieb’s new regulations had come to pass, then every convenience store and gas station in America would have had to ask for proof if age identifications before every customer entered their stores.  If the retailer refused to start carding their customers so aggressively, then they wouldn’t be allowed to sell vaping supplies.

In theory, Gottlieb’s new regulations would have put the final nail in the coffin of vaping as we know it. 

The question must be asked.  Did Gottlieb jump ship? Or was he pushed?

According to AXIOS, President Trump did not attend Friday’s meeting. Instead, representatives from the White House Council’s Office and the Domestic Policy Council were in attendance.  Since the President is famously anti-government regulation, one can only speculate if Gottlieb’s devious strategy may have angered the President.   

However, Fortune Magazine is being told that Gottlieb resigned because he’s tired of commuting from Connecticut to Washington DC every weekend. 

“A senior FDA official said his resignation had been planned for some time, and that he was leaving the Trump administration on amicable terms. Gottlieb, 46, had grown tired from a long commute each week back and forth to Connecticut, according to the person, and he felt like he’d set in motion many of his goals on drug costs and e-cigarettes.”

President Trump tweeted that Mr. Gottlieb has done a “terrific job” and that the FDA Chief will be leaving ”sometime next month.” 

The real reason for Gottlieb’s departure may have nothing whatsoever to do with vaping. Maybe he is really tired of commuting.  But when Gottlieb was questioned by reporters last month about rumors of his forthcoming departure, Gottlieb famously said, “I’m not leaving.”  So, what changed?

 The mainstream media is on a Big Pharma rampage this week.  In the first month of 2019, prices have skyrocketed yet again on at least 59 different medications, and the Opioid Crisis is still gaining strength across the nation each and every passing month. 

Whatever the reason for Gottlieb’s resignation, the vaping community is breathing a massive sigh of relief.  And perhaps doing a bit of dancing in the streets.

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