BREAKING: 13 vaping companies receive FDA warning letters about ‘kid-friendly’ marketing

US regulators have issued 13 warning letters to specific e-liquid companies alleging misleading and child-friendly marketing practices.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) joined forces for this latest scare tactic, essentially landing a double-punch of political power on the unsuspecting retailers.  The underlying message seems to be that if the vaping industry continues to ignore the advice of the FDA regarding selling vape products to minors, then maybe the fear of a future FTC investigation will get their attention.  Insiders are also suggesting that even more warning letters are yet to come.   

What exactly are kid-friendly e-liquids?

According to the FDA, any vape juice with packaging and/or marketing campaigns that resemble those of conventional food products typically favored by children would qualify.  Child-friendly food products might include popular candies, cookies, and juice boxes.  In a May 1 FDA press release, regulators are also targeting e-liquids utilizing “cartoon-like imagery” in their advertising campaigns. 

“Some examples of the products outlined in the warning letters, and being sold through multiple online retailers, include: “One Mad Hit Juice Box,” which resembles children’s apple juice boxes, such as Tree Top-brand juice boxes; “Vape Heads Sour Smurf Sauce,” which resembles War Heads candy; and “V'Nilla Cookies & Milk,” which resembles Nilla Wafer and Golden Oreo cookies. Other products include “Whip’d Strawberry,” which resembles Reddi-wip dairy whipped topping, and “Twirly Pop,” which not only resembles a Unicorn Pop lollipop but is shipped with one.”

To make their point even more clear, the FDA/FTC even posted a secondary announcement which lists each of the 13 offending suppliers.  Also included are colorful images of the alleged kid-friendly e-juices alongside pictures of the “real” food products that they mimic.

For vapers who still suspect that an FDA flavor ban is just some sort of conspiracy theory, these 13 warning letters show that the possibility is very real.  Even though a Republican sits in the White House and a former investor of an e-cig company heads the FDA, an FDA flavor ban could become a reality in very short order.  Unfortunately, millions of vapers are still reluctant to get involved and help fight a possible FDA flavor ban.  Please help now before it’s too late.

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