Beverly Hills snuffs sales of vaping & tobacco (except at posh hotels & cigar bars)

Once again, the premier Nanny State in the country – otherwise known as California – is home to yet another metropolitan area whose hand-wringing politicians are banning vaping and tobacco products.  First it was San Francisco with its city ordinance Prop E which abolished the sales of flavored vapor and tobacco products throughout the region.  Now, almost precisely one year later, the city of Beverly Hills is joining in the anti-vaping fray.

On Tuesday, the city council enacted by unanimous vote new legislation that will snuff out the sales of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, e-liquids, cigars, and any other item classified by the FDA as a “tobacco products.”.  Of course, and we can’t say this enough, vapor products are still 100% tobacco-free. 

Vape ban does not apply to the Rich and Famous

The law is slated to go into full effect in early 2021, but there will be a few minor exceptions.  For the Rich and Famous who often visit and party at the local Beverly Hills Hotel and other similarly posh establishments, they will get a free pass.  Also, members of three ultra-exclusive cigar bars will be exempt, even though the city houses about a dozen or more such venues.

Ruth Malone, a “tobacco control expert” from San Francisco (of course) made the following statement to the Los Angeles Times.

“Other communities have wanted to do this in the past but have backed off because the tobacco industry organized major opposition…The FDA can’t ban cigarettes. The only ones who can do it are state and local jurisdictions.”

To be clear, this is not a total ban.  The super-rich can still smoke and vape socially if they can afford to visit the proper ban-except establishments.  They can even purchase their favorite products locally from these very same venues, too.  The rest of the poorer folk who normally buy their vapor products from gas stations, convenience stores, and pharmacies – yes pharmacies – will be out of luck come 2021 unless something changes.   Where are the vape-loving movie celebrities and rock stars when you need them?

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