Australia releases vape device with biometric technology that links to your doctor

We knew this might be coming, and the Australians seem to be leading the way.  Vaping technology enhanced with biometric fingerprint reading to facilitate communication with your doctor has arrived.

The company behind this unique vape device is Lifespot Health Ltd, and its marketers are focusing exclusively on users of medical marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD).  The Bluetooth-augmented vaping device uses something called BodyTel patient monitoring technology to monitor heart rates, blood sugar levels, and more.  When the vaper vapes, the pertinent biomarker data can be instantly transmitted to a physician for instantaneous evaluation.

But Lifespot executives did not start completely from scratch when inventing this newfangled gadgetry.  The forward-thinking company took a short cut by first purchasing a German-based manufacturer of vape pens named Seng-Vital back in September 2018.  The biometrics and BodyTell technology were added afterward. 

Introducing the Cannamed vape pen

The aptly named Cannmed vape pen is not going to be cheap.  Initial sales prices begin at $200 USD, according to Yahoo Finance, but they also predict the prices to escalate higher and rather quickly, too.  The data collection and transmission services to your doctor will cost extra.  Lifespot is also said to be working with vendors in both Canada and the United States to offer a cheaper option geared towards the recreational marijuana crowd.

“Price ceilings and technological limits seem non-existent as a new, sophisticated generation of cannabis users ditch plastic bongs filled with blackened, foul-smelling water for sleek pens that don’t look out of place in the breast pocket of a well-tailored suit.”

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The Cannamed is not your run-of-the-mill vaporizer cleverly designed and promoted to attract weed enthusiasts as new customers.  The biometric technology is also useful for self-regulating the dosage levels of the patients’ marijuana-based medications based on their corresponding levels of pain.  The data is then shared with medical professionals in real time, alerting the doctors of any possible overages which may become critical developments in the patients' care management plans. 

“I don’t think anyone’s got the fully-integrated system like we do…As the user vapes, they can enter their pain score, and we can track how much they are vaping, and if their pain is being relieved or not.”
-Rodney Hannington, Lifespot Health spokesperson

Harrington is referring to similar biometric-enhanced vaping devices already being marketed like the CBD-friendly Aurora Cloud released by Aurora Cannabis last October.  The Denver-based GoFire also manufacturers marijuana vaporizers that allow the user to adjust the intensity of the dosage and self-regulate their cerebral stimulation.

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