GOP Duncan Hunter Vapes during Congressional meeting

Vaping Congressman

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to deny that Duncan Hunter has style.  During a Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting on February 11, 2016, the Donald Trump-endorsing Republican expressed his support for the vaping community in a rather unique way.  Taking out his trusty vape mod, Duncan Hunter vapes consistent clouds of vapor across the room.   A former U.S. Marine with three combat deployments under his belt, Hunter is no stranger to creative forms of conflict resolution.

The committee was debating proposed legislation regarding a possible ban of vaping devices on airplanes.  Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton from the District of Columbia proposed the ban in an amendment to the Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization Act.  And while the manner in which the “Vaping Congressman” decided to express his opposition is drawing the majority of the headlines, the politician made several valid arguments in favor of airplane vaping that seem to be getting lost in the resulting media frenzy.

During his cloud-inducing oration to fellow committee members, Hunter points out that there’s no combustion, no carcinogens, and no noxious chemicals with vaping devices.  He also mentions that the numbers of active smokers are steadily declining as the popularity of vaping continues to rise.   But he goes even farther.  He states that in ten years, everyone will be doing it.

Vaping and Prescription Drugs

According to Hunter, the healthcare industry is already looking to vaping as the new, performed method of ingesting prescription medications.  He predicts that millions of Americans will be buying vaping devices, but rather than inhaling their favorite e-juices, they’ll be vaping everything from ibuprofen to Prozac.    Instead of an asthma sufferer carrying around those bulky inhalers, they will likely be toking away on a far more attractive and user-friendly Kanger NEBOX or eVic Mini.  The congressman sums up his view by simply stating,

“It’s the future…For freedom’s sake, for the sake of people that are trying to quit smoking and quit dipping and still have nicotine, I would urge my friends…and colleagues to oppose this amendment.”

Perhaps the young politician should also point out that the UK is already prescribing vaping devices as smoking cessation aids.  The likelihood that Great Britain will take the next logical step towards allowing patients to use vaping technology for ingesting prescription medications is probably right around the corner.  Are our friends across the pond more logical and pragmatic than we are?

Duncan Hunter Goes Viral

The video of Duncan Hunter vaping in Congress is a big hit on social media, but many in the anti-vaping community are quick to strike back.  Some people label the Congressman’s vaping exhibition as nothing more than political grandstanding.   Others fault the politician for not providing scientific documentation to support his claims.

Perhaps the GOP headliner is smart enough to know that Capitol Hill is already overflowing with volumes of scientific data supporting the claim that vaping is over 95% less harmful than smoking.  If politicians refuse to listen to cold hard facts, then maybe it is time to offer a new form of persuasive argument.  By puffing away on his faithful vape mod while sitting within the Halls of Congress, Rep. Hunter may have just discovered the most effective way to sway public opinion in our favor.

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