The Huffington Post and Margaret Cuomo falsify e-cig data

Leave it to the Huffington Post to publish such a poorly researched video by Dr. Margaret Cuomo just because she happens to be the daughter of a New York Governor.  On March 14, 2014, Huffington “editor” Kira Brekke ran the anti-vaping video propaganda where Cuomo twists facts and outright falsifies information.  Among many of her most ridiculous claims are that e-cigs are “just as dangerous as smoking” and “e-cigarettes will raise your risk of lung cancer.”   Almost immediately after the video's release, many in the vaping community immediately began unleashing their outrage online.

According to one spokesman for a pro-vaping organization, nearly everything that Margaret Cuomo talks about in her video is either unsupported or contradicted by scientific evidence – or is an outright lie.  For example, Cuomo says,

“E-cigarette vapor contains…formaldehyde, benzene, propylene glycol, and metals like cadmium and nickel.”


Perhaps Ms. Margaret is confused, but those are common ingredients found in the smoke of tobacco products rather than the water vapor of e-cigs or box mods.  But then again, maybe Cuomo is intentionally trying to distort public perception of vaping and e-cigs, which is very unfortunate.  Deliberately misleading people who are trying to quit smoking into believing that vaping is an equally dangerous, if not worse, alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes is an act that many Americans might consider just plain evil.

Full disclosure:  Margaret Cuomo works for the Huffington Post!

To add fuel to the fire, Cuomo is a regular contributor to Huff Po.  This makes one wonder.  Does any employee of the Huffington Post get to post whatever they like on the Huff Po website, even if the content consists of completely fabricated lies?  It would appear so, but what is even scarier is that any moron with a keypad can become a blogger for the Huffington Post!  In many cases, they don’t even pay their contributors.  Many wonder how much money Cuomo stands to make from anti-vaping lobbyists for posting such preposterous lies.

A Cancer Prevention Activist that doesn’t believe in cancer prevention

Strangely, Margaret Cuomo is a long-time advocate for cancer prevention, which is likely one of the primary reasons for her marketing this catastrophic video in the first place.  In doing so, she essentially discredits herself and her cause by not advocating for e-cigs and vaping devices.  The Cuomo video is just one of the thousands that the mainstream media simply loves to promote.  Not that the Huffington Post is “mainstream media,” but the publishing of a video that it's editorial staff must certainly know to be tainted with dishonest and deceptive statements makes the Huffington Post just as irresponsible as Margaret Cuomo.

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