What is sub ohm vaping?

When beginning vapers first start shopping for the latest vape mods and e-juices, it usually doesn’t’ take very long before they begin wondering, “What is sub ohm vaping?  And should I even care?”  For a clear and concise definition, this term refers to a particular style of vaping that includes using special atomizer coils and an electrical resistance rating of less than one ohm.  For those who might remember learning about Ohm’s Law in high school science class, then you already know that playing around with electricity of any kind can be a very dangerous thing.

What is sub-ohm vaping?

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According to this fundamental scientific principle, a non-variable voltage source (the battery in a vape pen, for example) can produce more wattage (or power) when we lower the level of ohms (resistance). To put this another way, if we lower the ohms, then we get a more powerful vaping device.  And more power usually means a higher heat for burning the e-juice.  So why would anyone care if the e-juice is burning hotter?  That’s an excellent question because sub ohm vaping definitely has its share of pros and cons.

What is sub ohm vaping: The Pros

  • A Boost of Flavor

Let’s say that a vaper purchases a bottle of e-juice that doesn’t quite taste as sweet as the advertiser’s website states.  One way to enhance the flavor is by steeping the e-juice in a dark closet or refrigerator for a couple of weeks.  Another, faster way is to engage in sub ohm vaping.  Because you are burning the e-liquids at a higher temperature, they also taste sweeter, richer, fuller, and more intense.

  • Massive Clouds

For the same reasons that higher heat makes e-juices tastier, it also tends to produce more robust, denser, plumes of vapor.  For experienced vapers who participate in cloudchasing, the bigger clouds are a nice, added side effect.  For newbie vapers, be aware that the additional heat from the atomizer also produces vape clouds that are much hotter than normal, which can easily burn the lips if you are not using the proper technology for sub ohm vaping.

What is sub ohm vaping: The Cons

  • The Mouth-to-Lung Hit

The hotter, thicker water vapor tends to hit the back of the throat more harshly when we sub ohm vape.  Veterans call this the “mouth-to-lung hit.”  It takes some time getting used to this new way of inhaling, which is one reason that experienced vapers often caution newbies of avoiding sub ohm vaping until they fully recover from smoking tobacco products.

  • Big Clouds can be bad for your reputation.

The non-vaping public doesn’t really understand that those big blasts of white clouds coming out of your mouth are only water vapor rather than tobacco smoke.  So, if you like to secretly take a drag of your vape pen in the company bathroom during lunchtime, then sub ohm vaping is probably not the best idea.

  • Juice, Juice, and more Juice!

Sub ohm vapers go through e-juice like nobody’s business.  It takes a lot of e-liquid to make those massive clouds!  And those higher heats of the atomizers just burn the e-juice even faster, which is part of the reason that we get such a big burst of extra flavor.  For newbies who vape on a budget, think twice before joining the sub ohm craze.


Always be careful to do your research before sub ohm vaping.  It’s also a good idea to learn from a veteran who knows the necessary safety precautions.  The vaping industry now offers lots of easy-to-use, attractive, and extremely safe sub ohm vape mods, coils, and other technology.  But when dealing with electricity, it’s always best to be extremely careful at all times.  After all, you don’t want to be the next victim of an “exploding e-cig” going viral on Twitter, now do you?

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