Drip Vaping: RDAs, RBAs, RTAs, and RDTAs

what is dripping vaping

Drip vaping is all the rage, and it almost seems that manufacturers are consistently releasing new types of dripping atomizers nearly every week.  For those who are new to this alternative method of vaping, dripping involves placing tiny drops of tasty e-liquid directly onto the wicking material of the coil instead of filling the tank.  The result is a richer, bolder flavor and big, massive clouds.    On the other hand, it can be very messy and cost the vaper a lot of wasted e-juice until they perfect their technique.

Since no tank is required, drip vapers tend to use either an RBA or an RDA instead of a traditional cartomizer.  But there are other options to consider, and each combination of letters usually means that the related technology offers very slight differences in functions and capabilities.  For newbies, learning the proper terms is an important first step.

dripping atomizer types of decks

  • RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer):

    Each of these devices uses a deck and post system that allows the ability for the user to build customized coils.  They can experiment with different coils, wicking materials, and even the electrical resistance and voltage to design the perfect dripping mod.   The number of posts will vary, depending on the number of possible coils that the user wants to be able to build on the RDA.  There is one “positive” post and at least one “negative” post, each with a tiny hole in which the coiling wire runs through before being firmly clamped into place.  One negative post means that the RDA can hold only one coil, two posts can hold two coils, and so on.

  • RBA (Rebuildable Atomizer):

    An RBA is almost the same design as an RDA, but an RBA also includes a tank.  Users still build custom coils, but the added tank allows them to switch back-and-forth between standard vaping and drip vaping at will.

  • RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer):

    There is absolutely no difference between an RTA and an RBA.  The two terms are interchangeable.

  • RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer):

    This fancy-sounding contraption is sometimes called an auto dripper.  And like the RBA, it also includes a tank and offers the deck and post system to build custom coils.  What makes the RTDA so different is a unique feature that allows the user to manipulate the vaping device, usually by some sort of clicking mechanism similar to a fountain pen.  As a result, the RDTA self-drips the e-juice onto the wicking material for instant dripping pleasure.  It’s the “no muss, no fuss” approach to dripping.

Newbies to dripping should be aware that none of these atomizers are better than the others.  They are just different.  And each category of atomizer can have hundreds of different models or brand names from various manufacturers, each with minor differences in features.  For example, one RDA might clamp the wire to the post by way of a screw.  Another might require sandwiching the coil between the post and a bolt.  Just like buying a car, each drip vaping enthusiast develops his or her own unique preferences, based on their individual vaping techniques and style.

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