3 ways to help save vaping without signing a single petition

As the political debate over vaping regulations continues to unfold on Capitol Hill like a D-List reality show, many American vapers are growing increasingly agitated.  While many vapers may have heard about the controversial FDA deeming regulations, they also might not know enough about them to truly get involved.

Meanwhile, vaping enthusiasts everywhere are often bombarded with email and social media requests to sign petitions, contact their local congressmen, or donate money to vaping advocacy groups.  All of that “stuff” wreaks of politics, and for many people, politics just plain stinks.

Isn’t there a better way to help save vaping than by signing petitions and writing letters?  Here are 3 easy and perhaps even fun ways that you can help do your part.

1.  Read one news article per week, not just the headlines.

It’s always fun to learn about the new vaping technology and tasty e-liquids, but the American vaping industry is essentially under attack.  If the looming government regulations are not revoked – and quickly - then nearly 95 percent of the entire vaping industry may completely disappear overnight within less than a year. 

Commit to reading one vaping news article per week.  Read more than just the headline.  You can read pro-vaping articles or anti-vaping articles.  It really doesn’t matter.  In a very short time, you’ll quickly begin to learn which articles are fact-based and which ones are filled with “alternative facts.”

If the article or blog post does not include links to resource material to support the authors’ claims, then beware of the included information.  This is how Fake News gets spread around the Internet like wildfire.   And if you’re feeling especially energetic, click on the provided links and read them, too.  Again, read more than just the headlines! 

2.  If something smells fishy, leave a comment.

If you read something in one of the articles that just doesn’t sound quite right, leave a comment.  Ask a question.  Or provide a link to another article with a completely opposite point of view, and ask the author to clarify the differences.

Be friendly, and ask for help.  The vaping community is usually extremely willing to share information and discuss facts.

However, there are always people in every group who are more militant and aggressive than others.   And the vaping community is no different.  Beware of Internet trolls, and don’t let them discourage you from learning.

3.  Create a Google Alert, and engage with mainstream media.

Every news organization on television and in print has a webpage, whether it’s CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes Magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or even your local news channel.  And each of these news organizations is posting articles online 24/7.

As the political debate over the FDA deeming regulations continues to heat up in Washington, DC, more and more of the mainstream new outlets are reporting on the related issues.  If you really want to join in the fun, create a Google Alert that will send news information directly to your email account according to chosen keywords like “vaping news” or “FDA Deeming regulations” or “CNN + electronic cigarettes.”  Get creative! Who knows?  Maybe one of your comments will go VIRAL!

Then, when the Google Alerts start rolling in, you can read and respond to an interesting article by posting your comments in the comments sections.  It’s a great way to engage with activists on both sides of the political debate, and you can shut down the vaping haters by sharing the vast amounts of your newly acquired pro-vaping knowledge.

The websites will usually alert you when someone responds to your comments, too.  To create a Google Alert, simply type the words “Create a Google Alert” into your web browser and follow the instructions!  It’s easy-peasy!


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