3 of the strangest lies that vaping haters love to spread online

In the age of fake news, conspiracy theories, and alternative facts being spread across social media like wildfire, current smokers considering vaping as a smoking cessation tool can easily become confused.  When vaping websites boast about the many marvels of vaping at the same time that public health officials like the former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy claim that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking, whom should aspiring vapists believe?

Here are four of the most common lies ever told to the American public about vaping – along with the documented proof that shows these statements are indeed totally false.

1.  E-cigs contains anti-freeze.

This statement is pure rubbish.  This outlandish lie got started by someone who accidentally discovered that one of the key ingredients of e-liquids – propylene glycol – is also used in some brands of anti-freeze.  That’s like saying that you are actually drinking water when you chug down a bottle of beer because beer is made with water.  Wrong again!  The really strange thing about this outright lie is that propylene glycol was originally added to anti-freeze to make it far less harmful if accidentally swallowed.

2.  E-cig vapor contains formaldehyde.

Oh yes, the notorious formaldehyde lie.  This “alternative fact” stems from a ridiculous report published in the New England Journal of Medicine back in January of 2015.  Unfortunately, the outrageous title of the study Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols was cleverly designed by the co-authors to go instantly viral in a matter of days.

Regrettably, the “scientists” completely botched the study by heating the e-liquids to such excessively high temperatures that no vaper would ever vape.  In fact, if someone were to vape at these temperatures, the throat hit would be excruciating, and the vape juice would taste like horse-hockey.  Read more about the debunking of this lie here and here.

3.  Vaping cause popcorn lung.

Where do they come up with this balderdash?  Oh yes, this infamous lie began when someone discovered that some e-liquids – mostly manufactured aboard - contained small amounts of diacetyl.  This chemical is well-documented to have caused a condition called popcorn lung in factory workers whose company was manufacturing butter flavoring for movie theater popcorn.

Dr. Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health later debunked this lie quite easily.    Apparently, the factory workers were ingesting 750 times more diacetyl than was found in those few e-liquid brands that were identified.  The popcorn lung story also went viral on social media, and the vaping industry has since self-regulated to rid nearly all e-liquids of this chemical – even though the percentages of diacetyl in vape juice were infinitely safer for human consumption.  Still, vaping took the long-term hit to its reputation.


Many current smokers who haven’t had much luck in quitting using “the patch” or nicotine gum often want to try vaping as a more effective alternative.  But when they read these sorts of lies online, they immediately get frightened away.  That - my friends – is the whole point to these ridiculous lies being spread around on social media.

Big Tobacco wants you to remain hooked on cigarettes, and Big Pharma wants you to keep buying their useless patches and gums.  Don’t fall for the hype!  Even the Royal College of Physicians in Great Britain says vaping is 95 percent healthier than smoking!


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